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Graduation Ideas Help



Hi everyone I have just learned that I will have to plan a graduation ceremony for my 4-5yr old class. This is my first time teaching this curriculum and hvaing to plan a graduation for the children. When I came into this job the children were already a month behind the curriculum. I am trying to catch them up but I jave never worked with this curriculum before and not sure what is expexted. The teacher before me ia the only one in the center that knows anything about the curriculum and its teachings but she isnt around anymore. I work with the ABEKA curriculum, if anyone has any ideas, please help. Thanks in advance.


Why is the ceremony tied to curriculum?

I vastly prefer a simple "graduation" where the children sing some of the songs they've learned and then are called up one by one to receive a small gift from the preschool. The whole thing lasts maybe 15 minutes and then everyone has punch and cookies.


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Ditto - simple!

When we had ours, the a.m. kids chose a song, the p.m. kids chose a song and I chose a poem or a song and all the kids performed these together. I can send you my poems/songs that I chose (they're on my computer at school) if you want - chrisalana@sbcglobal.net

I gave out attendance awards and graduation diplomas and that was about it.

Punch, cake, hugs. Low stress on kids, lower stress on the teachers.


Thank you everyone I do want to keep things simple and quick. I figured I could have them say the pledge of Allegiance and sing some songs also. I have already been told by many parents that their child is doing alot better since i hvae been there. And 1 child is now writing his name and he couldnt when I first started. TrekBikeWife yes please send me your poems I might be able to use. I have learned that the children really love to learn new songs. They picked up the day of the week song very fast and the good morning song. Thanks again :-)


Tied to curriculm

I was told that this other teacher had the children read a story also. I dont want to do that and cant really believe they were reading because the ones that are in my class are just learning and only 1 or 2 children are getting it. I am gonna keep it simple and if the Assistant Director doesnt like my idea then she can plan it but she will have to do all the extra work. I will refuse to.


Graduation ceremony

I keep it simple also. We do a few songs/fingerplays they have learned and we do one song in sign language. The parents were really impressed with the sign language and since the kids tend to get shy, they were able to still be participating in the signing instead of the singing. Then we have them do their "graduation march", receive their diploma, gift, and we read a little autobiography about the children. (Name, how old they are, where they were born, parent's name, parent's hobbies, what they want to be when they grow up, etc.).


graduation idea

you can have the children due a theme graduation of nursery rhymes songs
between each song have 1 or 2 children say the bible verses
I have been doing beka for 10 years it's not that hard relax


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power point

Do you have digital pictures of the kids? Can you throw together a power point of different shots of the kids? Parents LOVE that! You can show enough to last through one song (like the Wayne Watson song "Watercolor Ponies"). I'd start off the program with them all singing a song. Then give each child a certificate and say something special about them (ask them ahead of time what they want to be when they grow up, what they like to do at home, etc...). Then show the power point. End it with a special thank you to the parents for sharing their children with you, then have punch and cookies. :)



Could you send me a copy of the graduation information and songs you have thanks.


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help please!!!

"When we had ours, the a.m. kids chose a song, the p.m. kids chose a song and I chose a poem or a song and all the kids performed these together. I can send you my poems/songs that I chose (they're on my computer at school) if you want - chrisalanasbcglobal.net"

Would you please send me the poems and songs!? I teach preschool for 3-5 year olds and graduation is May 29th.... I need more ideas please!!! Thank you!!!


graduation ceremony

Would love to have the name of the song you did in sign language. I teach pre-k and would love to do one at the end of the year with them.