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grandparent involvement



How do others handle grandparents who live with their grandkids and any other adult a child lives with who does not have guardanship over a child, but is involved in the child's life? This year I had a kindergarten boy, and he and his mom lived with his grandma. Grandma would pick him up from school. My school has a rule that we can not discuss any info to anyone other than the parent/guardian even if the child lives with them. Grandma is not a guardian so I have never been able to discuss her grandson's progress with her. Grandma was on the emergency contact info, so if her grandson got hurt at school I could call her about that, but as far as academics I couldn't discuss a thing. Mom always came in for parent/teacher conferences and she was the only one I could discuss things with. I felt bad for Grandma and told her our school policy. She was very nice about it, and understood. This was my first year teaching so I wanted to be very careful when it came to confidentiality rules. I've had the same situation when it came to stepparents. Unless they could proove that they had guardianship over their stepchild I could not discuss anything about their stepchild with anyone other than the biological parent who has custody.


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I've always been able to talk to anyone in the child's family who had a part taking care of him/her. Grandparents, aunts step-parents etc. are ok to talk to about a child's education. Our school's philosophy was more on the lines of 'it takes a village'. The only time I can't discuss something might be about a child's special ed program.

Brooke S.

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What if the parents write a letter allowing you to discuss information?

I discuss info. with parents, step parents and grand parents. It is nice to have someone who is supportive. I have one child that if I didn't talk to "Mimi" I would have never have gotten anything done. She comes on field trips, conferences, parties, etc. She is the best. I have only seen the parents a couple of times, but he lives with his Dad.