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Grave's disease



Hey all!
I just (two weeks ago) had a student diagnosed with Grave's disease. Now, before this, I would've sworn the kid was ADHD. He's also very manipulative and will lie like a rug. :) I've had him on a home to school behavior plan which means I check in with mom every morning to see how his night was. A good night, I reward him. A bad night, he loses priveledges (sp). Same with home, good day at school, he's supposed to get rewarded, bad day, stuff gets taken away. Well, of course mom doesn't follow through. So I was talking to stepdad this morning and the kid was a nightmare this weekend. He tore a cabinet door off its hinges, he kicked a hole in the bathroom wall, and he was playing with fire. I'm wondering how much of his behavior is caused by this disease, how much is a red flag, and how much is poor parenting. His stepdad told me today that he's ready to leave this family because of this kid! I guess I just want to help support the mom and let her know there may be light at the end of the tunnel. Anyone have any experience with this?Thanks!!!!


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Don't know much about Graves'

although I don't think it would have much to do with his behavior. I'd have to look it up. I do have to say that I have never found home-school-home behavior based plans to work, whether as a teacher or as a parent of a kid who needed one.I refused to punish my kid for a teacher who wouldn't (notice i did not say couldn't) respond to his special needs. Likewise, I would never think of asking the school to discipline my child for something he did at home. Of course, I probably have a few more working brain cells than your kid's mom does.

What they could really use is some counseling, and perhaps the kid can get some school adjustment counseling? Can the school nurse shed light on the Graves' disease? Have you referred him to Child Study? I can't think of any disease that makes a kid be manipulative and lie:rolleyes:



Get on WebMD for a good description and symptoms of Graves Disease. I think they talk about people who have it has bulging eyes, and other certain characteristics.

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Grave's disease can cause school problems & can be mistaken for hyperactivity. It can cause restlessness, anger issues, nervousness, etc. This kid sounds pretty extreme, so I don't think you can blame all of it on the disease but it might be at least part of the problem. When you search for info. make sure you search for Grave's disease+children or pediatric Grave's disease. It can be much different in children than in adults. Let us know how it goes & if treatment helps his behavior. Good luck!


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Hello, I was recently diagnosed with Grave's Disease myself. I have found a new understanding and empathy with ADHD students! If this student has Grave's, I would let the school nurse contact his PCP for recommendations for you. I never thought this illness was very serious until my endocrineologist (sic) laid down the law to me.

If his meds. are not being given on schedule he can be wound-up but hyperthiroidism is dangerous! His heart can race, he could have a "thyroid storm" whch can lead to serious realth risks.

Trust me, the meds make me feel like #%$@#! Talk to your PCP and perhaps you can get some support from her/him. Talk to the school nurse. She needs to be aware of the behavior of the student/patient. The medication he is taking may be part of the problem.

My sympathies and support!
Eileen-who is rather wound-up herself and would love to be able to sleep through the night!