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Great Ideas


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What is the best, most effective thing that your school does? What is your best program for students/staff/community? I'm looking forward to your responses. Thanks!


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not sure what you mean

Not sure exactly what you are looking for.
we do an annual "Grandparents day" on Valentines day, with an asembly, with skits and songs from each class. We award the Grandparent with the most grandkids in the school, came the fartherest, and oldest, if they will tell :p we also have the kids give them carnations and come to the classrooms for lunch/treats/ or just to see them work. IT is a great day!

Our school also does weekly meetings. we call them chapel (priv. Christian school) once a month all of elem meets, once a quarter the whole school meets (K-12) it is so much fun to all be together. Often we have some sort of competition going on, so we announce the winning class then.