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Greenville, SC


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What can you tell me about Greenville? My husband is seriously looking at going to a school there. Anyone from there that can give me pointers on finding a teaching job? I have 6 years experience. I'm hoping this helps. I am from a small town where things are really political...so I'm not sure what to expect. Also, where is a good area to live? In Greenville? Surrounding area? I'd really appreciate any responses!!!! Thanks!!!!


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Great Place

I think you will find Greenville a great place to live. My family and I lived there for 13 years before moving to our present home. There are many cultural opportunities/activities and the people there are very friendly. When we were there (7 yrs. ago) the east side of town was a very good area as well as Simpsonville and Mauldin. The school system is huge --one of the largest in the state--so I don't think finding a teaching job, especially for an experienced teacher, will be difficult. Greenville is the ONLY place for which I'd leave my current location.

Good Luck!



Greenville has a really large school district...some schools are better than others. I would submit my resume to the DO and to the schools I'm interested in.

As for the city itself, my parents live there and I live in Spartanburg, about 25 minutes away. I like Spartanburg because it is a smaller city, but I love going into Greenville for the shopping and downtown experience. My parents like the Greer and Taylors areas.


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moving to Greenville in May

My husband and I are actually moving to Greenville in May. We're looking a little further out in the surrounding area where his mother lives. We are looking for property instead of a neighborhood.