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Grr...I hate lesson planning!



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Anyone else hate lesson planning as much as I do? I already know the topics I am going to cover and most of my activities (all in my head), I just have to put it in the plan book and pace everything-when I will do what, how long things will last, etc. I seriously cannot get motivated to do it! I have always hated lesson planning! <!--yuck-->I spend so much time thinking about school that so much of it is in my head and I hate that "extra" step...I rather just wing it! <!--misspeak-->

Good thing my principal never looks at lesson plans! Even when we are observed he never looks at them. If we didn't do them, he'd never know...totally not his style...LOL

Anyone else avoiding lesson plans? I have my grades all entered, my RtI documentation finished, my papers graded, everything like that but just can't get motivated to do lesson plans! It's the ONE thing about teaching I HATE...I love everything else, even the paper work! LOL

Lady Teacher

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I hate it too!

In fact, I would also be in trouble if my principal ever wanted to see them! I completely understand. I try my best to plan for two months at a time. It takes work but that is what I do. We are fortunate to have the pacing guides and curriculum already put in place for us by our district curriculum coordinators. It's just a matter of putting it into my lesson plan book. Hang it there! I'm going to have to get into school mode most likely on Thursday and spend the day doing some long range planning.


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Two months at a time???

Gasp. Wish I could manage even half that. I did three weeks over the holiday and am pleased about that. But we don't have a pacing guide, and usually my team leader is disinclined to share info except one week at a time. It's a pain in the patootie. I'm jealous of you!


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I agree! I don't really do it on paper - I just keep it all in my head. This isn't a good strategy if an emergency were to ever come up. This year I started a subscription to http://planbookedu.com/. It really has helped me keep on top of things.


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Day Plan help--thanks!

Thanks ShopperC! I just checked out planbookedu an it looks quite helpful. I think I'll try the 14 day free trial. I am all for streamlining and simplifying! (my new year's resolution!)


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I use planbook.com

Get this though...I logged on just now to enter my plans and I forgot what e-mail address I signed up with and my password. I didn't really forget, I knew it had to be one of three passwords and one of two e-mail addresses, so I finally remembered, but I haven't logged until for about two weeks due to break! HAHA (and I was using my personal computer, I usually use my school computer).

But...lesson plans for everything but science and math have been entered...I just to need to prepare a few things for writing and science and then enter science and math to planbook!

Grr...I still hate lesson planning...I wish there was someone who was a professional lesson planner...someone who plans fun, engaging, detailed lesson plans and all we do is carry out! Anyone want the lesson plan job? I'll take the teaching job if you do all the planning :p


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I hat having to enter them into our online gradebook. Only one of the administrators has ever looked at them. It always seems like a waste of time, but I do it so I stay off that radar.


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Team Planning

Our school is required to do lesson plans as a team (which I have not come to like just yet)...It does make the writing part of it much easier...but I don't feel as prepared and my activities and lessons do not flow as well as they did when I planned everything myself...But each teacher on the team has a subject area they are responsible for. For instance, one teacher plans math, another plans ELA, another plans science/ss.....And we are required to have them submitted to our team leader by 8:00 am every Thursday for the following week. That SHOULD give us Thursday and Friday to look them over and tweak whatever we choose to tweak...however, with teaching, trying to get weekly papers ready to go home, newsletter, grading papers, getting resources together for the team for the lessons you created, Thursday and Friday are pretty much gone....So by the time you actually get to look over the plans, it is Monday morning. I like to plan so that my lessons tie into one another and the content is more meaningful to the kids....therefore, transition is much more simple and less time consuming....But having other teachers plan my lessons takes away that creativity....and that is the part I dislike...My principal knows my feelings but has other opinions and I have to go along with her idea and choice.