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Guided Math


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Hi everyone! The other day, a friend brought up a discussion on implementing guided math. From what I have heard, it is relatively new and kind of follows the principles of balanced literacy. I think it is being called balanced math, with guided math being one part of the framework. Is anyone teaching balanced math or guided math? I am just wondering if it is effective and how you are using it! Thanks! :)


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I do!!

I have been teaching math in groups since the beginning of second semester and I LOVE it!! We have Harcourt Math--which comes with a ton of resources. When I was teaching whole class, I would feel like I was cheating some of the kids when I would hand them the xeroxed copy of a challenge or reteach page, while giving the rest of the class the colorful, cutesy math pages! Well, when I have small groups it is not a big deal. I also have a projector and interactive white board in my room, I use it daily with my math. I have four groups, a high group, two average groups and a low group. Example of a groups' rotation schedule: I let the high group start out with doing their lesson with the interactive board and Harcourt website lesson, next they do a game, then they come get their worksheet and do it at their seat, last they come to me ( I quickly check their papers and then go into some enrichment lessons--higher order thinking, etc. Lots of times I can use the lesson right in the book, but other times I have to come up with one.) Below I will hopefully explain my groups and rotations (13-15 minutes each)

Group/Rotation schedule
High: board/game/seatwork/teacher
Av1: teacher/seat/board/game
Av2: teacher/seat/game/board
Low: game/*board/teacher/seat

(*if I need to work with the low group longer, they come straight to me for their 2nd rotation)

I also have a rule that they can't go to any rotations until their worksheet is done. I grade them that night (that's the goal ;) ) and have them do any corrections the next morning for morning work.

Hope that helps you! I think it has been more effective!


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Thanks! Tell Me More!!

Thank you so much for you reply! :) I was wondering if you could tell me more about it. My school is working with Nelson right now. It seems to be a fairly good program, but like you said, it is very difficult for the kids who experience difficulty with math. Another teacher had mentioned the guided math and it really does make sense since centers are at the core of primary teaching. Do you get all of your resources from Harcourt? Does it come with a schedule of how to implement a balanced math program? Thanks in advance for your help!


guided maths groups

I have been teaching guided maths for the last three years. I think it is wonderful as it targets individual students needs. I have maths rotations running as you would in literacy and then my pull out group is for guided, interactive, or shared maths. Guided is guided discovery, interactive is the group working on an activity as a group and me being the facilitator, and shared is the students do the work and i give them suggestions if they get off track. I hope this is useful.


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What core program do you use?

I would love to set this up in my classroom. I teach a whole group lesson and pass out the independent practice. Some of my students are finished in 10 minutes and others need me to guide them through each problem. I feel like I am not meeting the needs of my students the way I do math now. Any help you could give would be appreciated!


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123 abc....Harcourt??

123 abc....do you use Harcourt for your guided math program too? If you could list your resources I would really appreciate it! Thanks for your reply!


Trying it

Have seen "Guided Math" used in grade 9, really was impressed with what I saw. Students worked in small groups (ability based) and teacher 'guided' one of the groups for 6-8 min per, and filled in an assessment rubric. I am bringing in teachers from across our district to come in for a PD session on it then forming a study group to perepare activities to use and share.


guided math

I'm so excited that someone else is pursuing this question. I have asked the same question this year.
I'm struggling as a third grade teacher who has a very diversed ability group.
I have been well trained in guided reading and balanced literacy; however, I'm struggling to implement this idea in math.



I have a great book at school called "What's your problem?: Posing and Solving Math Problems K-2" and I also use John VanDeWalle's books as well.
My first term is spent teaching routines and core games and activities (structures in which i can later vary goals, number etc but routine remains the same) but I don't work with small groups til 2nd term or about 1/2 ways through year (depends on the group).


dont get it.

i dont get math. i used to. i was smart.
until middle school hit.
and now im barely passing 9th grade.
im already in integrated math concepts.
and im failing it. i have to retake it again.