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guided reading groups... what do i do?


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I spend Monday's doing reading whole group- reading the story, introducing vocabulary, introducing the skill, etc. On Friday's we take the test and then we do about 45 minutes of FCAT practice whole group. Then on Tuesday-Thursday I spend about 30 minutes whole group and then the next hour doing small reading groups (3 groups). I've been using the leveled books that come with our reading series (harcourt) and reading those with the groups and working on comprehension skills. Is this enough? What else should I do? I just don't feel I'm adequetly teaching reading and it doesn't help that third grade is the big testing year (FCAT). I want to meet the needs of all my students, but I'm not sure I'm doing the best. I'm a second year teacher so I"m still trying to figure things out. Thanks

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Guided Reading!

You need to check this out. It has a lot on guided reading. The site has a lot of stuff, including Literacy Centers. Hope it helps.



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Read Read Read!

My class reads the story on Monday as a class, Tuesday they partner read. Then in small groups they read for fluency, Fry phrases, poems and other games I have found over the years. After the fluency, we read leveled books, books from ReadingA-Z.com, and reader's theater selections. My reading block is 1 hour and 45 minutes. Whatever you do make it fun for the kids. They enjoy the poems and don't realize they are practicing! Good luck!


Something else I like to do with my small groups are making words activities. There are great books you can buy with the activities or you can make up your own. The kids like manipulating letter to create new words. Also I work on the week's skill with them or do vocabulary activities.