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Guided reading structure

Reading | Literature 


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Do you do word work in the beginning of your guided reading lesson or at the end (and does it matter)?

What is the basic structure of your guided reading lesson?

I'm looking up templates on tpt, reading people's blogs (and articles by F&P) and I'm not sure which format is "right."


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I agree

I also use her Jan Richardson, though I have veered off her format some to meet building expectations.
Basic lesson
1. re-read familiar reads from baggie while I take a running record (or find my materials:-))
2. review sight words
3. Preview story (look for hard words, picture walk, etc)
4. Kids read book
5. Story comprehension about book
6. Word work

BTW, I teach 2nd graders with disabilities (reading levels A-O).


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Does Jan Richardson's format allow you to incorporate the common core standards into it. We are using a new Reading Series this year (Reading Street) which has an abundance of materials to sift through. Trying to put it all together is a full time job in itself.:rolleyes:


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Book came in!

It's AMAZING-I'm so excited to use it!! I read/made copies of many pages already...I plan to fully implement it next week after I have time to fully learn and understand all of the prompts/teaching points and whatnot.

I feel SO much better about guided reading now!! THANK YOU for the suggestion!!


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Do you all use the Richarson's format with the Daily 5 or do you think it aligns well with that program? We are switching to Guided Reading this year and I am not sure how to fit in a word study, comprehension skill and vocab instruction into every small group lesson. How long do you see each group and how many can you fit in daily?


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I'm going to start next week after the day off...I still use a different spelling program for whole-group word study-but I will make sure I hit on word study in my small groups as well for a few minutes.

It seems like it will fit perfectly with my current Daily 5 set-up.

I finished doing all of my F&P running records and it looks like I will have 6 groups. I will be able to see 3-4 groups daily (2 of my groups only have 2 students in them and are low so I am planning to meet with them 3 days in a row each week for 10 minutes). My other groups will meet for 20 minutes.

Here's what my tentative schedule looks like:

Monday: White group, Yellow 1, Yellow 2
Tuesday: Blue (10 mins)/Red (10 mins), White, Orange
Wednesday: Blue (10 mins)/Red (10 mins), Yellow 1, Yellow 2
Thursday: Blue (10 mins)/Red (10 mins), White, Orange
Friday: open for individual conferences


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Uh oh!

I am not going to agree with the following posts as I have that Richarson book too. Guided Reading (in my opinion) shouldn't be scripted, but should be well thought out matching children to books. Don't try to teach something new in guided reading... it isn't what it is intended for.

I had this exact same questions until I read a book- I was totally overthinking guided reading. It should be simple and relaxed- but well thought out at the same time. Check out this book- very short and practical; Preventing Misguided Reading.