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Halloween Theme



Pumpkin Glyph

I'm not sure which grade you teach but last week I set up the listening center in my grade 2 classroom (during reading center time) with the story Big Pumpkin by Erika Silverman (the tape is a cute sing songy reading of the story . The kids love it ). After listening to the story the students needed to do a pumpkin glyph.
The shape of the pumpkin, the eyes, the nose and the stem color were all determined by their answers to these book related questions.

Are you a boy or girl? boy-round pumpkin girl- oval pumpkin
Which character in the story was your favorite? (eye shape)
Have you ever planted a pumpkin seed? (nose shape)
Which would you rather eat? pumpkin pie-brown stem , pumpkin bread-green stem , neither one-black stem

This allowed me to still cover a Halloween art project and yet do some reading and math too.