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Halloween Writing Ideas? other ideas?????


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Anyone have anything fun to do with 5th graders? I want to do some Halloween themed stuff but I need ideas. We are doing a talking book report on Halloween where they dress up like their character but I want to add some other things.


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Writing ideas:

R.A.F.T. (examples)
Role: a black cat
Audience: trick or treaters
Format: a complaint
Topic: how you're upset that you're treated so unfairly

Role: a pumpkin
Audience: trick or treaters
Format: a persuasive letter
Topic: to convince the kids to not smash you on the sidewalk


I have the students decorate a miniature pumpkin at home in any creative way they wish. They put it in a brown grocery sack and bring it to school. They are to write a descriptive paragraph about their pumpkin either at home or while they're in class. While they're out of the room, I take all the pumpkins out of their bags and place them on a large table with numbers in front of each.

Later, the students place their paragraph on their desk with their name on it. The students then walk around the room, read the paragraphs, and write on an attached index card the number of the pumpkin on the table that they believe is being described. The students with the most correct guesses win some kind of prize. You should see how creative they get with their pumpkin decorations. They love doing this.


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Have you ever done a monster exchange? Each child designs a "monster" (no blood, violence, etc. of course) and writes a careful description. They keep this secret (I do this with another class but you could do it within your room too). Then they give their writing piece to a partner ( who hasn't seen their drawing) and the partner tries to draw it from the description. You hang them up with the writing in the middle and with both illustrations on either side. The kids really get how critical descriptive detail is! :s)


Persuasive Writing for Halloween

I like to use my students' abilities to persuade me to think like they think!! I tell them how DEATHLY afraid I am of bats and owls. Then, I share with them short articles about each. We do bats for the first week, then owls the next. They meet in cooperative groups to discuss the short articles, make a group poster and they each write a convincing essay on why I should not be afraid of bats. They are encouraged to incorporate as many facts from the articles as they can. We also talk about how myths can create unnecessary fears, so they also write the facts that dispel the myths about bats.
We do the same type of activity with owls. Then, I tell them that the most persuasive written piece will win a prize and the team that has the best poster will win a team prize. This is always great fun, but I'm still very afraid of bats and owls!!