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Just curious to know how many of you celebrate Halloween and do you allow your children to go trick or treating? Our religion doesn't believe in Halloween and we always try to do a carnival at the church for our kids so they won't feel left out. It's a safe and fun way for them to enjoy themselves.



I know halloween started as a religious holiday, but to me when I was growing up and now to my children its just a fun ritual... Its not about religion at all anymore - at least not tome. Its kind of like fire works on 4th of July . . . Dressing up, candy, carving pumpkins... its all just fun.

Trick or Treating can be safe... if you go with your kids and only go to the homes of people you know.


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When my kids were younger (now 13 and 14) we used to take them trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. I don't think of it as anything but a fun chance to dress up and do something fun as a family. Now they stay home with me and help me answer the door and ooh and aah over the little ones who come. :s) It's one of my favorite "holidays" of the year :o)


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We do celebrate

My kids dressed up every year, we picked out pumpkins from the pumpkin patch, we carved pumpkins, we decorated the front door with skeletons and cobwebs, we trick or treated in the neighborhood, and we sorted the candy. I grew up with that tradition and we've loved doing it with the kids too. Like the other posters said, it was never presented to me as a religion thing, it's more like a fall tradition. I also always loved the Peanuts movie, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." We watched it every year when I was a kid and it really built up the anticipation. Now that I'm an adult, I don't get into it as much, but boy do I remember the fun I had as a kid! My kids really enjoyed it too over the years.


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We do

Our kids trick or treat and we carve pumpkins and enerything. In today's society I don't think people actually associate the holiday with day of the dead and all that jazz. I guess I like to think of it more as a fall, harvest type of celebration. We amke it fun. I take my kids trick or treating in our neighborhood and we check the candy even though we know all of the people that give it. I think it is just fun for the kids. In our family we never even discuss any of the implications behind the occasion. We just enjoy and have a great time.:s) :s)

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We do celebrate Halloween.

We teach our children the Catholic tradition, that Halloween started when people went door to door to get "soul" cakes. You would make cakes in honor of your family members that had died that year. People would come door-to-door to get the cakes to remember & pray for those that had died. It was called All Hallow's Eve, which eventually shorted to Halloween.

Even with that being taught we usually do just trick or treat for fun, always with supervision & just going to people we know.
Our church usually has bonfire night & people dress up as Saints. :s)

Miss C

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not me

I don't have kids, but I don't celebrate Halloween for religious reasons. My family stopped celebrating it when it was about 5 or so. It never really bothered me. :)

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Celebrating Halloween

We lived in an area where there were no trick-or-treaters who came by our house, and I don't remember ever GOING more than two or three times because I really thought it was silly. I could pretty much get candy if I wanted it by asking for it from my parents, so it seemed silly to dress up and do bum it from people.

DH loved Halloween. . . worked at haunted houses, loved to trick-or-treat, the works. I was surprised to find out that he did celebrate Halloween because he's from a pretty conservative religious background.

We don't have kids, but our neighborhood gets a lot of kids, so we give out candy most years. DH likes to dress up.



At school with our students or at home with our own children? At school, the teachers send home a note saying that we will be having a party. I include these in my newsletters, I don't have to make a note strictly devoted to the party. If parents don't want there child to participate, they can write me a note. I don't want to leave the children out, but I also don't want to disobey the parents. There is always something on hand in the library or gym already planned for those who aren't allowed to participate. We have very few kids, usually none, we are not allowed to participate. Some of the activities that are planned are tag, a scavenger hunt, an online game, board games, coloring, etc.

At home, we always celebrate! In the morning, I always have little Halloween bags with small treats. After work or towards supper, we have pizza (ordered out) for supper, usually play a few games (they usually aren't halloween related), etc. Then I take my children trick-or-treating (usually) and my husband stays at our house for the trick-or-treaters. It switches years, but usually it's me who goes and he who stays.


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For me it was the start of all the Holidays, I always loved it because it was cool out and leaves were beginning to fall. My kids do not know it as a "non-religious thing" only a fun night where we dress up myself included and they can only dress up as cartoon characters or Disney characters or as a prefession (like myself I always dress up as a Dr.) and we make cookies and watch the Charlie Brown Cartoon and eat Pizza and invite friends over to go trick or treating with us, my neighborhood is an enclosed gated community so it's not very big. We also carve pumpkins to put out that night with flash lights in them. The whole thing starts for us the weekend before, we usually hit all the local festivals so the kids really get use out of their costumes and we also either go to Sea World or Fiesta Texas. I am so looking forward to it, I love Holidays!

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We go trick or treating with our children. They love to dress up and visit the neighbors. I love looking back in my scrapbooks to see them dressed for halloween. We also still do pumpkin carving. We are able to have memorable family time doing this together.:s)


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I've got mixed feelings about the whole thing.
When my kids were little, I took them to parties, and trick or treating around our neighborhood. Like me when I was young they loved dressing up.
Just tonight I heard on the radio during my drive home, that Halloween has Wicken roots, and like a previous poster stated, then kind of merged with the Catholic All Hallows eve. I knew about the Christian roots of Halloween, and I know a lot of people have made it really dark. I didn't realize that the Wicken roots were at least as old as the Christian roots.
I personally would not feel comfortable honoring witch craft or it's rituals.
As a teacher I dread the day and days after halloween. The kids are so hyped up on sugar, it makes for stressful days.:s)


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just for the fun of it

I have always loved Halloween. I always think of it as just for fun. Nobody connects it to religion as much as to a tradition of craziness and good times that are enjoyed by kids and adults. I realize that it's not a tradition shared by everyone, and I had one mother call me today and ask that I not have her daughter participate in anything about Halloween or Day of the Dead (which is celebrated in Mexico). She says it's against her religious beliefs.

On the bright side, just think of it as the "kick off" for Christmas! LOL