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Hallway behavior!!


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Who else is having problems with this? I realize we've only been in school a few days, but my 1st graders are not only NOT following the procedures we have practiced again and again, some of them are purposefully ignoring me when I directly ask them to stop talking, others are falling on the floor, laughing hysterically, etc. It is getting ridiculous. I have been really trying to do logical consequences, but even after having to practice walking during a fun period, putting our heads down, etc. it still didn't work. I finally had to mark a bunch of their behavior cards, which I hate to do so early in the year. I just don't feel like they are taking me seriously AT ALL! I really would like some suggestions. I've been teaching for a few years and have never had this many kids who act so silly/immature and completely ignore me. Am I expecting too much or should I keep up with the high expectations for the halls?



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The beginning of first grade is like that.

In previous years, I've actually carried stickers with me as we walked down the hall, and given stickers to kids who are walking quietly. We've also used hallway hands, where the kids all put their hands behind their backs before you leave the room. For some reason, they like that. Sometimes they just have to get into the routine, and those behaviors go away. This year I have a well behaved group. I just tell them that I'm looking for the most responsible first grader. They all want to be that one responsible person.

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Perfect 10 for hallway

Here is what I do with my third graders. They love this and their hallway behavior is excellent!:) A perfect 10 means 1 straight line and 0 voices, hence the number 10. If they walk in the hallways in a straight line with no talking, I cross off the number 1 on a laminated 100 chart. When they have earned 10 perfect 10s, they receive an extra 10 minute recess. After they have received their extra recess we start again. I use the next row, and when they earn 10 more perfect 10's, they get another 10 minutes of recess. I do this for the first 5 or 6 weeks of school and then gradually wean them off of it. Every once in awhile they don't make it, but this has been a big motivator for my class for years. I hope it works for you!:s)


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well, here's what I do

When I have a class of second graders that can't walk down the hall quietly, we go back to the room and start all over again, so "we can practice" how to do it! We start out again and if they still can't get it then we do it again. If I know who's doing it, I deliver the others to where we were headed and then the ones who don't know how to be quiet in the halls go back for private practice sessions. We do it until we can do it quietly. It's frustrating for me because I usually have stuff I could be doing, but it's worth the time to do it because eventually they do catch on. They don't like missing or being late to their specials or recess. Every so often there will be another outbreak of noisy-itis and we just go back and practice again. Message received by them, loud and clear! :s) Just be consistent and persistent!


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I have a whole class behavior incentive called Behavior Bingo, but this would work with any whole class incentive. My rules for the hallway are as follows:
Eyes forward
Hands behind your back
Lips closed
Do not touch the walls
Every time a child breaks a rule, the class gets a strike. If they don't get any strikes, they earn two bingo chips. If they get 1-4 strikes, they only get one bingo chip. If they get 5 or 6 strikes, they don't earn any bingo chips. Finally they lose a bingo chip for every strike they get after six. It seems like a lot of strikes, but I'm super hard on them. All it takes is one child to do it wrong and they get a strike. They really want the prize for having ten bingo spaces full in a row (wear slippers to school one day!) They also earn one extra bingo chip for every compliment that they receive from an adult. Last year I had a great class but their hallway behavior was terrible. Once I started this, it got so much better! I have a tough class this year, but they always get compliments in the hallway now. It's not as perfect as I want it to be yet, but it's getting there. Good luck!


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First graders

I taught first grade for fourteen years ( I have second grade this year!) I know you hate to be tough on them this early in the year but those kids sound like they are taking advantage of you or they just don't think the expectations are higher now than they were in Kinder. I had an especially tough group last year and I had to carry a note card with me every time I left the room. When I spoke to them for ANY hallway manners the first time I wrote their name on the card. ( I had to remind so many that I would forget who I had already talked to!) If they acted up again for any reason then they had to turn their card when we got back to the room. Instead of waiting until recess to serve the time out, I let the others go on into enrichment and the ones who misbehaved put their nose on the wall outside of where ever we went and did their time immediately. ( They hated this especially at lunch because it put them at the end of the lunch line)Yes, it took minutes away from my break as I stood there with them but after just a few days the class was much better as a whole. The few who still had problems after that I called their parents and let them know their little darling was having trouble adjusting to the rules of first grade and that if it continued they would be assigned after school detention or recieve an office referral. By the end of the first six weeks even the "problem kids" were no longer acting up. Usually if you can get a grip on the minor offenders the major ones will eventually conform because there is no longer anyone to act up with.

By the way, I also assigned a number order where I seperated the worst of the bunch, and we lined up that way everytime.


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secret person

I usually wait until the kids are struggling (for you it would be now! ;) ) and after I've taught them what I expect. Then we start to play the secret person game where before we leave the room I silently choose one secret person. If that person walks the whole way and follows the rules of the hall, they "win" and get a fish ticket (my classroom prize). If that person does not, then I don't tell who it was but it drives them crazy b/c they want to be picked so badly. I love it b/c you can cheat-- if a child who usually cannot walk in the hall is having an espeically good day, I can switch my secret person in my head so that they get reinforced. I also do it on the way back from where we're walking. Soon, I phase to: the person has to complete both the way there and back to win. And pretty soon I phase to choosing a secret person only every once in a while. Sometimes they'll ask if I can pick one, and by the second half of the year, I answer with "it's a privledge... I don't have to reward you for walking in the hall. I'll choose a secret person if I see that you are working hard to do your best in the hallway"


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bingo chip

Ms. P I don't understand your system. Do you have a chart you fill in so they know where they stand once they get back into the classroom? A chart that lets them know when they have earned the correct number of chips or strikes. If they are having a bad day in the hall and receive a lot of strikes and lose a lot of chips how do you record it so they know and you remember? Thanks I am gearing up for Tuesday when my new little ones will be arriving. I want to have myself prepared in advance. Thanks


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I'm not Ms P but I have the Bingo chart in my room as well. I jazzed up one of the smaller 100's chart (because I have a race car theme) and had it laminated. My numbers will be on chips and I'll draw the appropriate number of chips for the rewarded behavior and color it in on the chart with a dry erase marker. Hope that helps!

P.S. I taught 1st grade last year and my class was VERY well-behaved in the hall. It seemed to be key not to let my frustration show--if we had a rough time in the hall I'd just calmly give them the sign that they had to go back and try again and they knew if we did it over, even once, they lost recess. BUT, I would give them the chance to earn the recess back if they did it correctly the 2nd time. Good Luck!


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Behavior Bingo

Here is the Behavior Bingo board I use. I got it here on ProTeacher. I laminated both pages and cut up the numbers on the second page to use as the chips. When I pull a number I use a chisel tip Vis-A-Vis marker to color in the number on the board. If they lose a chip, I pull a chip out of the cup of "used" chips". Then I just wet the corner of a tissue or paper towel and wipe off that number. When they get ten numbers filled in in a row, column, or diagonal, then they will earn a class prize.

There are blank chips that can be used as any number. I choose a student to pick a number to color in. As the year goes on, I'm hoping that they will start to use a strategy to fill in the rows and columns faster.
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Line Leader

To get my students to walk quietly in the hall I choose a line leader (at the beginning of the year it's me). The students have to follow what the line leader does (similar to simon says without the talking). For example, we might pretend we're birds and flap our arms and then tap our shoulders. This keeps the kids minds on something other than talking!


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Our first graders need to be lined up, eyes forward, and hands behind their backs before we leave the classroom. If they take to long to do this we will say to them, "well I guess you don't feel like going to lunch today (ect.)." This really gets their attention and usually keeps them in line.

If we are walking down the hallway and they start acting up, I will warn them that we could always go back to the classroom and try again but that is less time they will have for whereever they are going. If you have to walk them back, then do it. It's too early in the year for them to be taking advantage.


Jana C.

Does their "fish tickets" get put in a hat and drawn for prize or trade for a prize?


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fish tickets

Yes... they write their name on the back of a raffle ticket and put it in a fish bowl. I draw five names on Fridays... I like that it's random- that you're not "entitled" to a prize. Everyone learns to be a good sport about it. Secretly, though, i keep track of who has gotten pulled so that I can see if there is anyone who just randomly hasn't gotten a chance or someone has gotten pulled an inordinate amount of times.


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I call that person...

the mystery walker. I used to award a piece of candy but our new "wellness" plan forbids sweets (why do they need to take the fun out of everything?) Hmmm... I like your idea of an incentive ticket instead... They mystery walker will once again return to Room 130!


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i have to change it up

I use mystery students too. But I don't do it often because I'm not big on giving rewards for expected behavior. What I am finding to be most successful is really quite simple. Whoever is the line leader gets to chose how to walk down the hall. (Like the other post mentioned) Mine can either pretend to have a bubble in their mouth (looks funny, but they like it) or put a finger on their lips (quiet sign). Then hands can be behind back, at sides, or hands together in front. I'm not sure how long this will last, but it's been a week so far!


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I teach 1st grade and I like to mix it up. At the beginning of the year we are "Spies". We try to go down the hall so quietly no one even looks at us. We tip toe past doorways and duck under windows. We all do a "Whew" (wipe our hand across our forehead) When we reach our destination.
Sometimes we are frogs & if we are quiet we won't get eaten by the Alligators.
Sometimes we have to catch a bubble in our mouth and hold it. (hold air in cheeks like a bubble)
Whatever we are studying in science / social studies - usually there is a way to pretend to be that quietly.
Hope this helps!


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I give a link to a classroom chain if they get a compliment for behavior. My class gets several a day because they want a link. Once the chain hits the ground they get a reward. THey love this and it really motivates my students to walk without talking and in straight lines.....they never know who may be around the corner. If we get a compliment from the principal it worth 5 links.


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I love this idea. I currently teach three year olds and they love things they can view visually and work towards a reward. This is also a very easy concept for kids to understand. Thanks



So if they miss, do you just start over again?
What does your 100 chart look like? Why do you use this type of chart?