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handprint snowman ornaments

Garden Gal

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Has anyone ever tried making these ornaments? I got the idea from Little Giraffes. I wonder about Kindergartners and glass ornaments. If you've done them please share tips for managing the creation. How do you dry them? etc.
Because the picture won't come through-they are blue glass ball ornaments with white handprints. The fingers get turned into snowmen (snowpeople).



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They are too cute!!! Now I miss my little kids. I moved to 6th grade this year and they are way to big---physically to do this!


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handprint ornaments

Our first grade team is planning on making those ornaments this year. One of our team members has done them before. This year we are using plastic ornaments instead of glass because of safety concerns raised by our principal. I found the plastic ornaments at KMart, but have seen them at a couple other places since then.

We are planning on having our aide pull the kids one at a time to do the handprints. We haven't really talked about how to dry them, but I imagine you could hang them to dry, maybe pop the tops off and balance them upside down, or maybe even set them in egg cartons or cups of some sort. Then once they dry, we will have small groups work on using paint pens to fill in the details. According to the teacher who has made them before, it really isn't too messy and the kids did a great job with adding details on the snowmen (scarf, hat, etc.).


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I've done these for three years. They're easy and very cute. I hang mine on a clothes line to dry. We use any color ornament and they all look good.

Mrs. T.

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I have made those ornaments for the last three years, but I am doing something different this year (I got the idea on here)...I am going to use baby food jars instead. The jars are painted a with a metallic blue color. Then the child's fingerprints are placed on the jar the same way they are for the ornament. Then place a t-light inside! I also wrote "Merry Christmas 2007" on the back. I then drew a little heart, and then the students signed their name. I could never do this on the ornaments (the name signing). It is so cute to see the little signature.
I actually like these better than the ornaments...they are a little more sturdy for the bus ride home...I can stuff them with tissue paper and wrap them. The ornaments are very fragile. We had all the supplies for this project so it cost $0 to make! I am also making a year-long handprint calendar too.
These can also be used through the winter not just at Christmas time. :s) (supposed to be a Santa :))


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I made these with prek kids for several years. I would paint only their fingers and then set the ornament in the palm of their hand. I would place each finger on the ornament one at a time. When I had them all placed, the kids were holding the ornament. I very seldom had any mess up even with 3 year olds!

1st Teach 1st

1st grade teacher

I did these this year with 1st and Kindergarten. We used the shiny plastic balls instead of glass. Keeps down on possible breakage. Some hints...Practice the handprint 1st. When placing the ornament in the child's hand, have them spread their fingers as far apart as they can and then put the ornament on the ball of the hand (at the base of the fingers), not the palm, this will keep their fingers apart.

Less is more for additional decorations. I limited the children to blue, black, red and yellow paint pens.

I added the child's name and the year to the space between the forefinger and the thumb. It seemed like a good place because it was a wide open unpainted piece.

Good luck.

Krissy Carter


Please take the time to do this, they are wonderful presents for parents. I have done them with both my children when they were 3 years old. I use clear glass ones and let the white handprint dry before you do the hats, eyes, nose,smile, and buttons. Because my kids were only 3 years old-I would paint the hats, eyes, nose, smiles, and buttons. I would dry them by attaching them to a hanger with a zip tie. There is also a really cute poem that goes with them-I had it for my daughter's (5 yrs. ago) and now looking for it this year to attach it to my son's.
Have fun! ~ and good for you for taking the time to do these!!! Have a Merry Christmas!!



I use paperclips to hang then on a string that I tie around two ends of something.

I have student come back 5 at a time to my kidney table to decorate and when they are dry I place them in a paper back stuffed with paper towels or get those chinese take out boxes and do the same.


childcare provider

I would like to make these with my daycare children for gifts for parents. I have mixed ages 1 - 5. What size Christmas ball do I use?

Garden Gal

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You need a standard size bulb-probably 3" to 4" inches in diameter. With children so young try to find plastic. I can't find plastic this year. Someone said they were going to Walmart-you might check there.

Addi's Mommy


Here is the poem..

These aren’t just five snowmen
As anyone can see.
I made them with my hand
Which is a part of me.
Now each year when you trim the tree
You’ll look back and recall
Christmas of ____
When my hand was just this small