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Happy Mardi Gras


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Leissez Les Bons Temps Rouler! Let the Good Times Roll. Mardi Gras has a special meaning to me as my Mother's family was from New Orleans. As I have gone through thel last several months my heart has been those affected by the Hurricane and Levi breaks.

I wonder...
Is my grandparents home still there?
Was it ruined?
Did it wash away?
How about my Aunt's homes?
How about the cemetaries? Will I be able to find their resting places?

New Orleans will always have a special place in my heart and I am glad to see that Mardi Gras has continued even if it is a smaller celebration this year.

I will go and visit hopefully over the summer and try to find out these answers for myself since I have no one left down there to give me the answers that keep me awake at night.....


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New Orleans

Hi Gloria,
I am from New Orleans. I can try to find out about your grandparents home. Was it in the Lakeview, St. Bernard, or the ninth ward? Those were the hardest hit areas. As far as the cementaries, I haven't heard much about them. Which cementary were they buried? I will ask around for you.

Let me know the street and area your grandparent's lived and I will find out about the homes in that area.


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It is in Jefferson Parish by the intersection of I-10 and Veterans Blvd. The address is 5819 Fleur De Lis Dr. 70124

The cemetary is Lake Lawn? I'm not really sure of the correct name. They have a funeral home and large cemetary there.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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New Orleans

Hi, Gloria,
Sorry it took so long to get back with you. I've been asking alot of questions to get some answers for you.

Unfortunately, where your grandparents lived was under water. Seemed they lived near where the break occured in the 17th street canal. The house might have gotten about 5 - 6 feet of water. I didn't drive past there, I haven't been into New Orleans proper yet, just don't have the heart to see all that destruction. I don't feel that their home was washed away, but just flooded.

As far as Lake Lawn Cementary, it is the same. A fellow teacher's mother is buried in the All Saint's masoleum at Lake Lawn and said she saw a 6 foot water line. Your grandparents grave will still be there, it was just underwater.

To me, New Orleans just isn't the same. What we went though was so hard. Not all the stores are opened yet. Everyone is trying so hard to get on with their lives, but everywhere you look you see trash in front of people's homes. It is getting better, but very slowly.

I feel so sorry for the children that I teach. Most of them had water in their homes and are living in the FEMA trailers. But kids are so resiliant!

My home had minor roof damage (which has been fixed) and no water. My family and I feel so blessed. BUT, I am so worried about the next hurricane season. My husband and I are making plans to move away.

Hope I was of some help.