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Has anyone read...

Brooke S.

Senior Member
the book Welcome Comfort? I read that book to my class today and I loved it. I thought it was a great story. The kids had it figured out way before I did when I first read it. If you haven't read it, please add it to your read aloud collection. Great Christmas book.

Brooke S.

Senior Member

I read it to my 2nd graders. It is a picture book by Patricia Polacco(spelling?) It is an AR level of 4.5. I think several different grades would like it and it has great pictures too. :)

Mrs. G

Senior Member
Patricia Polacco

Patricia Polacco is the same author who wrote the Civil War picture book Pink and Say. I have not read Welcome Comfort, but I am going to look into it because she is a great author.:)


Polacco Author Study

P. Polacco is great for a 4th grade author study. She wrote many more books than have been listed here, including Thundercake, Uncle Vova's Tree, Rechenka's Eggs, The Bee Tree... and so on. A lot of her books are based on her culture and personal family history.

Carrie in WV

Full Member
She is one of my favorite authors!

Not much to say on this thread, except I have loved every book I have read by PP. I will check around for Welcome Comfort. I read The Bee Tree every year at the beginning of school, assigning the children to be characters in the story. It is great.