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Has anyone tried Airborne?


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Since I have my computer for the rest of the night, and in the a.m. tomorrow, I thought I would ask this question...has anyone tried that stuff called Airborne that is supposed to help teachers, etc. avoid getting sick? I saw it at Wal-Mart a few minutes, ago, and they had the original formula, and the lemon-lime kind, so I bought some. (I think they're like pills...I just saw it, and had seen it advertise so much a while back, that I bought some.)

Has anyone had any success using this stuff?

I had been getting the sniffles a little, and usually get a stomach virus about once a year, although since we moved here two years ago, and I started teaching in a new place, I haven't gotten sick. But now, with the cooler weather, and some students starting to get sick, and with the area I'm working in still being a heavy construction area, from Hurricane Katrina...I don't want to take any chances.
My little girl has CF, so I try really hard not to bring anything home to her, so it doesn't compromise her health.

Thanks for any advice you can offer. A few years ago, a lady I worked for in college, had these purple echinacea pills, and that was before they became the "craze"...and they really did work. I'm not sure where she bought them from, I wish I had asked her. But, after they got hugely popular, when I would go buy them in the store, the kind I bought did very little to help me.


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It does work!

Airborne does work if you get the cold before hand. Once you are already sick, go with Dayquil.


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watch out

just be careful, i saw an article that said that this product has zinc in it and that kind of zinc is being investigated for causing taste loss and sense of smell loss PERMANENTLY! It is already known the the Zicam spray with zinc does cause this. Read the labels ! :)


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I heard it worked and this school year I was determined to not get sick within the first month. I started feeling run down and achy and tired so I bought Airborne. I took one dose and the next day I felt normal. I haven't been sick yet.


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If you are already sick...

There's some good stuff called Emergen-C that works well if you've already started getting symptoms. It comes in little pouches that you add to water and drink.


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I have used both. My husband uses Emercen-C at least twice a day -- more if he feels sickness coming. You have to dissolve both of them in water. They both have a pretty good taste! Just about anything beats getting a sore throat & trying to teach!!! You can get both of them at Wal-mart..:s)

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I use Airborne, if I have it in the house before I really feel the cold coming on. You have to take it when you start to feel that soreness in your throat or nose that tells you 'Tomorrow I'm going to wake up with a full-blown cold." If I don't have any in the house and have to wait a day or 2 before buying it, I don't bother, because I found that it really works if you take it faithfully (every 4 hrs.) the minute you feel the cold, but it doesn't do so much once you're really sick. By the way, the package says that a teacher invented it. Walgreens just came out with their own version-'Walborne'. I don't buy it, I buy Airborne, to support a fellow teacher!


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I just got some Airborne myself. I think I started mine too late as it had no effect on me.

My only complaint is the stuff is quite expensive. If you take according to the directions (every 3 hours) the pack lasts for a day and a half (30 hours).

I will try it next time I have a cold. I hope it works for you though if you try it. Zicam worked great for me, but I was told the nasal spray works the fastest and I tried it, but can't stand the thought of squirting stuff up my nose. Ewwww. :eek:


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Teacher invented it

I believe it was a 2nd grade teacher who came up with Airborne. She was always getting colds, sick, and feeling rundown, so somehow she invented it. I saw an interview with her not too long ago.

I've never tried it, but I know a few teachers who've said it works.


I think it works

I just started using it this year. So far this year there was one time when I thought I was coming down w/ something and I took it every few hours as directed... and the cold never materialized. I haven't been sick since - even when my husband and kids have colds.

The key is to have it in the house before you need it.


Great Stuff!


I use Airborne. As others have mentioned, you need to take it at first sign of a cold. I keep some in my purse and at home. If I get a direct hit from a sneeze, I take some right away. Emergen-C is wonderful, too. If you have already gotten a cold, it really helps shorten it. During cold/flu season, I have a glass of it mid-day as a preventative. Last year the only days of school I missed were for surgery, not for illness.


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I've used Zicam and Airborne for almost every cold I've had for the past year-yikes! I hadn't heard about any side effects. Thanks for telling us, I'm going to ask my dr.


Love Airborne

I am not a huge fan of colds but working in Kindergarten they are never far and few between. Make sure you take the Airborne when you feel the cold coming on, not when you already have it. I prefer the lemon-lime flavor as it tastes better,more like sprite then medicine. I always recommend it to my co-workers who don't feel well!


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it works for me, but has anyone noticed any sexual side effects? what about mucinex?