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Has your state


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adopted common core standards?

(Mine hasn't -- yet) How long do states have to enact all these new standards? I'm just curious as to what this will mean for teachers? New programs? New training? If this is nationwide will this mean standardized texts for everyone?

I haven't read a lot about this, I just heard recently that 29 states have adopted this so far and was curious.


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I am in MN... and supposedly our Math Standards are tougher than the Common Core ones...so we are staying with ours...

I am tired of all the change... I can't keep up! lol


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I believe that Florida just adopted the CCS last week. Should be interesting to see how this plays out as our new Math Standards started last year and go fully into effect this year. There are some differences. PLUS, we, as well as many other counties, are adopting a new math series this year based on those new state standards. hhmm.
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Kentucky adopted them early.

We started working with the standards some before school was out for the year. I knew for a few months that I'd be one of the ones working with them this year. I go to an orientation meeting tomorrow. I'll get monthly trainings with the standards and then work with others in my building to implement them. We will implement them in the 2011-2012 school year.

Maybe Kentucky does things differently than other states, but I'm ont anticipating a huge change when we go from state standards to common core standards. They're still standards. They're narrow and deeper than what we have now, which is great. Our current standards are broad.

The core standards do nothing to dictate HOW you teach the material. It's just the skills/topics that need to be covered/mastered in a certain grade. Most of the current programs and teaching methods will be just fine. Programs and methods change over time anyway, even when the standards don't.


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Mass just adopted them last week for math and ELA. They don't go into effect until the 2011-2012 school year. They aren't all that different from our current standards so I don't anticipate very much changing. Also, states and/or districts are allowed to change the standards by up to 15% for each content area for local needs and assessments.

Our district will be giving us curriculum based professional development this year to prepare for the new frameworks. It will be only one day that we meet with our grade level teams to determine where the differences in the standards are. We will then adjust our scope and sequences from there.


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Georgia has adopted them. GA was one of the states working on them, so many of the standards read like our current performance standards. I've taken a look at them, and they seem to be a bit less than what we're currently doing. However, I thought that we tried to teach too much in one year anyway, so I am kind of excited. It seems more likely that the students will have the chance to master skills rather than just be introduced to them. (My opinion is only that of a teacher of high ESOL and EIP students.)