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Have you ever used peaceful playground progra


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I am looking for ideas to help manage recess better, grades k-6. I am wondering if anyone ever tried peaceful playgrounds and whether the experience was positive? thanks emmiek


Yes, we use it at my school and have for a few years. It has made a big difference. We have less arguing and way less kids getting hurt from being pushed, etc. during traditional playground games. I would highly reccommend it.


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Wishing For Peaceful Playgrounds!

Could You Tell Me More About This Program? I Teach In A K=5 Public School And I'm Assigned Recess Twice A Week. Students As Have 30 Minutes Of Recess Each Day. Recently We Had To Ban Football Because The Kids Became Too Rough And Fights Broke Out. We Have Plenty Of Grounds In Which We Rotate Classes Daily Between Black Top, Grass Fields, And Baseball Field. Our Gym Teacher Does Oversee The Walking Club. I'd Appreciate Any Info You Can Give To Help Have Smoother Recess Periods. Thanks!


Our school is quiet small. But we have lots of behaviour issues during the playtimes. So I would love any ideas.Lots of our kids don't have the social skills to play games together.
Some ideas i have heard of are students getting raffle tickets for good behaviour which goes into a prize draw at the end of the week. this is good for the younger students.


Recess-Peaceful Playgrounds

Peaceful Playgrounds is a recess program designed to make the playground a "peaceful" play environment for children. It is a kit with stencils and blueprints for painting 100 permanent games and markings on the playground. PP researched what was going wrong on the playground and how to "fix" those problems. www.peacefulplaygrounds.com They have won numerous state and national awards for the educational program.