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having a baby



My husband and I are both 28 and have been married for one year. I will be graduating college in December and haven't even begun my teaching career yet. But now that I am married and getting closer to 30 I am starting to think about having a baby. I want to be a mother so badly. I've always planned on working a few years and then quitting to be a stay at home mom. But with graduating later that may not happen. My husband and I want to start to try to have a baby now. We're hoping to get pregnant shortly after I graduate. What if I get pregnant right after I graduate? I will have a college degree, but have never worked as a teacher. I know college isn't a waist. But still I feel like I spent all these years in college wanting to be a teacher, and now what I want more than anything is to be a stay at home mom. College is where I met my husband and I learned a lot, so it was a good experience. But was it worth it if I do get pregnant and never get a teaching job?

Brooke S.

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I say yes it was. Think of all the great things you learned in college about teaching children. You can apply the things you learned to your own children. Also, while you are being a stay at home mom, you could tutor children and then you would feel like you were using your degree to teach children. That might be a helpful solution for you, where you feel like you get to do both. Also, later on down the road you may decide you want to start teaching. I think whatever decision you make, you are better off with the degree. :s)

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babies & education

Education is never a waste.
If you & your husband are ready to have a baby, go for it.
You never know what the future holds, you may need your degree one day & if not that's fine. The whole process of college, helps people to grow & mature & learn more about themselves, not just about their future job.
Good luck to you!


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family first

"But was it worth it if I do get pregnant and never get a teaching job?"

Who's to say you will get a teaching job anyway? Have you seen the job board and sub board? Getting a teaching job seems to be getting harder and harder. Besides, what could be more rewarding than teaching your own child. Nothing is more important than family - so go for it - make babies!!! :D You can always go back and get a teaching job later, but if you can be home with your child, do it. Good luck!
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Think it over

all of the posters make good points. Just something to keep in mind. I'm not sure what your requirements are where you would be teaching but in my state, you have 3 years to get a job and get your masters. If you don't do it in that time, then you lose your temporary certification. Don't get me wrong -- having kids is great. My husband and I have 2. Getting an education is never a mistake. Sounds like you and your husband have a lot of thinking to do. Good luck and keep us posted!



I've been concerned about that myself too. I'm 28 and my fiance is 29. We are getting married in April (he will be 30 by then and I will almost be 29). I entered the teaching profession a couple years late too. I taught for 2 years, and this year I'm subbing. I recently moved back to the area I grew up in, and after my fiance and I get married we are moving again. For these reasons, I had to resign from my position. I'm subbing so I have some money (it's nice to be in the classroom too!).

I would like to try to get pregnant not too long after we are married. I worry this will interfere with teaching/getting a job next year. On the other hand, I could teach for a year or two, and then we could get pregnant, but I have such a strong desire to become a mother. I guess for me that's really important right now.

Maybe you will have to (I might have to too where I move) sub for awhile. Subbing (although not ideal for everyone) also has its perks. You can pick when you want to work~part time, full time, half days, full days, etc. This could lead to a long term position either long term sub or permanent.

Good luck!


Have it All!


These goals are not mutually exclusive. If you can afford to be a stay at home mom and want to start a family, go for it! I loved being a stay at home mom when my children were preschoolers. When they started school, I started my teaching career. It feels like the best of two worlds - I have never regretted this decision.