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having babies in my 30's



I am 33 and have been married for 3 years. My husband and I would like to start a family. I want to be a mother so bad. I hope to be able to have 2 children. But I have concerns since I have waited later to have children. I worry about having a difficult pregnancy or that my baby might have health problems because I'm older. What kind of health risks are there with having a baby in your 30's? Since I want 2 children, I will be over 35 during one of my pregnancies, and I've always heard that there is a greater health risk during pregnancy if you are over 35. I also worry about getting pregnant. I've heard of women having infertility problems because of waiting later to conceive. My husband and I have discussed the possibility of adoption if it takes too long to get pregnant.


I did it.

Both of my boys were in my 30s...31 and 33. I have friends who have had their FIRST baby at 40. Wish I had their energy......

Talk to your OB-GYN. The risk for older women is slight and with today's technology, you'll know very quickly if your baby is at risk.

Be your healthy best, eat right, take pre-natal vitamins before you try to get pregnant, do everything right, and you'll have peace of mind.

Both my pregnancies were GREAT. I had never felt betterm particularly with my second pregancy. Great hair, great skin, lots of energy except occassional days....go for it!


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"later" parents

My best friend had both of her children at the ages you are describing. She was also quite overweight yet, NO problems at all!!!! GO FOR IT!


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My mom had me when she was 40- and that was way back in the day- I'm 27! There are so many medical advances these days, that there may be slight risks for older parents, but usually nothing to seriously worry about if you are in good health. But remember: stress causes problems and difficulty conceiving sometimes. Some people have trouble conceiving no matter what the age. I often worry about that myself. I don't have kids and am not even married, so I hope it is acceptable to have babies in your thirties!


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babies in 3o's

I had a baby at 22, 28, and 37.
No problems with any of them :)
Good luck and dont stress.

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I had my 3 kids in my 30's. The last one when I was 39. Apart from feeling more tired with the last one, everything went fine from beginning to end.Don't worry!


Babies after 30

Do not stress too much!! I just found out recently that I am now 4 mo along( I am 36, will be 37 when I deliver!) This will be my 4th ( I already have 3 boys, ages 16,13,11) NO it was not planned. The only thing my Dr. has told me is that Downs CAN be more likely (my middle son has aspergers) but the risks are still considered small. There is a lot of testing that you can have done, but it NEVER detects everything, and age to me is just a number, because it sure has NOTHING to do with a lot of birth defects. Good luck to you, but enjoy your single married time!!!


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My first child was born a month before I turned 37. My 2nd and last child was born 3 months after I turned 39 and one day before my husband's 40th b-day. Both pregnancies were normal. I had c-sections, but that's data for another post. Both babies are above-average in intelligence. I think there are upsides and downsides to being older when you start a family. On the upside, you probably are settled into careers, have pretty good cash flow, and money is in the bank. Maybe you've gotten all your ya-yas out and are mentally more at peace (not partying like you might have in your college years). Perhaps you've gotten your house, your furnishings and all the expensive things paid for by now.

On the downside, you might be less energetic than you were in your 20s. You might be more set in your ways and more selfish than you used to be (this is the biggest adjustment for me). You consider the fact that you might not be around for the grandkids if your own kids follow your example (oh well).

If you want kids and are ready for them, oopen up the door and let them enter your life! At any age!


You should have NO add'l risks at age 33.

Starting at about age 35, there's a slightly elevated chance your child wll have Down's Syndrome. At age 40 the risk is 1 in 100-- which means, of course, that 99 % of the babies born to 40-year-old mothers do NOT have Down's Syndrome. I believe the risk of Down's in a 50-year-old mother is 25%.

By the way, I had my babies at 37 and 42 and both were perfectly healthy!