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Heel spur/plantar fascitis


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Anyone have either/both of these? I was recently diagnosed. Dr. is trying a few things first but is recommending shoe inserts. I refused the cortizone shot (don't like needles). Haven't gotten the inserts made yet. Wondering if you have special inserts or just purchased some from a store? What type of shoes do you wear for teaching? I am on my feet all day long -- I rarely sit down. Any other input would be nice....

Oh, I am allowed to wear tennis shoes to work in, so that is good ;)


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plantar fasciitis

yes! I would come home from work limping and in tears--most horrible time!! Although I did get inserts from my doctor, I now wear some birkenstock inserts in my tennies --there are many diff. inserts you can get from just about any of those foot stores all around--mine from dr. were never that great --BUT he did send me to a phys. therapist and HE showed me many diff. exercises to do--did them every day for 4 mths --my oldest sister still does the exercises daily (a lot of us in my family have been afflicted w/it!!)
One of the most impt things my doctor told me was that it wouldn't heal until i was off my feet for two weeks--have to get rid of swelling--made sense to me--so i did it right after school was out--very diff to do, i might add.
Personally, I believe that once the nurse at my doctor's office mentioned Birkenstock sandals, that's when i got a pair--used to laugh at people who wore those ugly things--now I call them my savior!! If I wear shoes of any kind to work, i immediately put my sandals on when i get home (w/socks in wintertime--it's just around the house,anyway).
My younger sister is pain free now after a year--she got those z-coil shoes - but now is back to wearing what she used to wear--she thinks it was spurred by her vacation where she had lousy shoes and walked everywhere all the time.
Good luck. I can pm you w/expl of exercises if you want.


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I have this

I have had this...and when I first got it, I had physical Therapy. Mine had to do with the muscles in the back of my leg not stretched enough... I did a stretching exercise .... You actually stretch your calf muscle.
You get about 2 feet from wall and have one foot close to wall and the other 2 feet back. The back foot ...you are on toes ..and press heel to floor...you should feel quite a pull. They also suggested ..... roll a frozen bottle...probably of water... and roll you foot over it.... relieves pain...
I have since worn only good tennis shoes with foot inserts to help with heel and arch... I get inserts from Walmart... Usually the gel kind. I also wear Merrell slip ons shoes ....Your shoes cause a lot of the problem. If I wear other shoes, it comes back and I do exercises again. I haven't gotten it for years.... because I wear shoes that work.
I wear New Balance or Nike tennis shoes.. Just Watch the arch...make sure it has one or get an insert that adds. It should support the foot. I don't spend a lot on the tennis shoes... Usually on sale. ;) Hope this helps.....


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bad shoes

I was to the point where I couldn't hardly walk when I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I started wearing my tennis shoes ALL the time and it went away.


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I have both. I had specially made inserts and to be honest I think it was making my feet worse. I went to a new dr. and he told me to throw the inserts away. I think losing weight has helped more than anything although my new dr. said p.f. usually goes away or gets much better after about a year so I don't know if it was time or losing weight but my feet are MUCH better. The weird thing for me is that my feet do much better when I wear about a 2 inch heel (like wedge or platform) with no back. It's something about the way my foot is shaped. I spent years not buying heels since my feet always hurt but found that the flat shoes were worse for me. Good luck to you, I know it can hurt a lot.


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I had it.

My doctor recommended the boot for the PF. I did the boot and wear danskos now. I haven't been in pain for years. I can wear the dankos all day without any problems, my feet also do better in a 2-inch heel.


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hurting feet

Sister, I felt your pain but not anymore. I did the shots and did help for a while. Yes, always wear supportive shoes. What helped me was advice from a sports medicine guy. He said I must stretch my calf muscles at least twice a day for ? minutes. He used medical terms, explained the anatomy, etc. but has been several years ago. Anyway, I have just made a habit of stretching both calves when I brush my teeth. At the beginning I think I did it as an exercise but now I just do twice a day while brushing. I put one leg behind me and stretch for a time and then the other. I bet you could google this and see pix of stretches. I hope this helps. I remember how it hurts. Good luck!


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foot pain

Every morning, stretch your foot repeatedly before stepping on floor.

Always wear shoes around the house.

Rotate a golf ball on the ball of your foot.

Use a iced water bottle and roll it back and forth on ball of foot.

EASY SPIRIT tennis shoes are wonderful.

It is painful, but the Cortizone shots really work. I walked in barely walking and left with no pain. The shot has a moment of pain IT IS WORTH THE SHOT<!--yawn-->


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Excellent advice -- stretching that calf muscle, PT is good, always wearing shoes, but the cortisone shot...trust me, you can do it.

I have had a few cortisone shots in my feet and knees. They will spray an anesthetic on your foot, then give the shot. No pain. Sure you will feel pressure, but the seconds it takes to get the shot compared to being in terrible pain daily is really no match.

Good luck!


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Heel spur-Ouch!

I feel for you. I had it so bad that I ended up having the bone scraped on the bottom of the heel bone. I also had to have the tendon stretched surgical in the back of the calf. I had it done last year on Spring Break and came back to work using a knee scooter. I had to use a handicap sticker to park close to school. The pain was so bad! Still have problems with numbness on the bottom of the heel because they nicked a nerve. All in all it was better than the pain everyday!


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I remember that pain!

My has gone away for which I'm thankful. And it was always in my left foot. One thing that really helped was getting really good school shoes. I went to Dillard's and bought 2 pr. of Born sandals, a pair of Born mary janes, and a gold pair of Echos. Those are both really good brands - pricey but worth it.

I also can't wear just flat shoes anymore, flip flops, or cute ballet shoes. Need a heel, or my inserts. But I have been able to wear Crocs flip-flops.

Good luck!!

Oh, the stretching helps a lot!!


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In the winter I live in Dansko's (sp). They are the most comfy shoe I could find. I also went to Wal-Mart and did the Dr. Scholls foot test thingy and it recommended a pair of inserts that I bought and my pain is GONE!!! I got a pair of Rainbow flip flips (love my flipflops but they hurt my feet) and they have good arch support in them and now my feet don't hurt.

My husband used to get onto me about buying cheap shoes (I was a Payless girl) but now that I have spent good money on good shoes... my feet don't hurt.

I know I am rambling.. sorry.

Good luck!


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Been there and Done that with PF

Take this advice from someone who is teaching beyond retirement age. I now make sure that I wear good supporting shoes such as the ones mentioned earlier on the posts. My favorite brand is Allegria (Happy Feet) which is a company in California, I think. I now own 5 pairs including two pairs of clogs, sandals, and a closed in version. I did the foot doctor route with special inserts but do not need them with this brand. I had the cortisone shot about 5 years ago and have not been bothered since then. I just had a shot in my knee yesterday and feel 100% better. I barely felt the shot, so go for it!


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I've had that twice. Really painful and annoying. My doctor had me buy SPENCO inserts. They had them at the pharmacy. Not terribly expensive and after about a month, I could walk without pain.


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I currently have tarsal tunnel in my foot and have not been able to walk for 3 weeks! I'm praying it will be better in 10 days when I start school.

I went to "The Walking Company," a store in our mall that carries Dansko and other brands. They told me about a new brand that is especially wonderful called Aetrex. From what I can tell, they're going to be wonderful. If you go to Thewalkingcompany.com, they always have free shipping.


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Had it

Plantar facitits is so painful- I feel for you! A friend that is a doctor told me to take Motrin for two weeks and get better suppporting shoes.Also, before I got out of bed I would stretch my feet forward etc.. to stretch the Achilles tendon. I only wear Clarks, Born etc... unless I have to be dressed for special occasions etc.. outside of school. Even then, I onlyh wear those types as short as possible. I haven't had any trouble since I followed these steps, though I don't have any experience with the spurs. Take care, spend the money on good supportive shoes- it has made all the difference even if they aren't as cute as others.


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The shots are painful for a second but will take away some pain. I have orthodics but still needed the surgery to release. VERy PAINFUL.


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I have both. The spur is in only 1 foot. I have used inserts for a number of years and they are my life saver. I have had 1 cortizone shot in the opposite foot as the spur when the pain was terrific. It really helped. I also have had to use a nighttime foot brace and it also helps.

I can not go barefoot or wear flip flops at all. I paid dearly for that mistake last summer after a stay at the lake doing both.

I would definitely use the inserts...I can use them in any shoe but I use them all the time, even in sandals. I can use small little round circles of velcro for sandals if I need to. It is a pain but so much better than the pain.

Good luck.


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heel pain

My ortho surgeon told me to do the leg stretches middlemac described. If my pain comes back, I start stretching...and it goes away.