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Help! Animal theme - length lesson



Hi there,

I am a student teacher in a year 2 classroom. We a doing a unit on endangered animals and I am after some fun and interesting length lessons within the context of animals. Any ideas?? Thanks heaps!


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Depends on standard or nonstandard units

If you're teaching nonstandard measurement, you can make, say, tiger paws to scale and have the students measure around the room with them. If you're using standard measurement, you can do the same sort of idea, but measure the paws using in/cm instead.


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Real life measurements

Hi! You could do the real life lengths of different animals. Use adding machine tape marked with feet, yards, or meters to measure real lengths of certain animals. The kids will get a real appreciation for how long a blue whale really is! You'll probably need to use the space in the hallway or on the playground.

Also you could measure the length an animal can run in a certain amount of seconds. Measure that out and then see if they can run that far that fast. Cheetahs, Rhinos, Alligators, etc would be interesting to "race" against.

Hope that helps.