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Help for Next Year


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This was my first year teaching. I felt like I was just surviving for most of the year. Anyway, now I'm getting excited about next year. I want to do much better next year. I would appreciate some suggestions for the following: morning work, making learning fun, integrating music into the curriculum, and ideas for phonemic awareness and language play. Thanks!


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It's good you are getting excited about next

year. I too am already planning for next year, and at the same time, I am getting ready to get a job at a different school.
First go over in your mind what you know that worked. This will make general planning for next year much easier.
I have a game day. I am always looking for games to play with my children to reinforce skills. I used to play around the world, but I have a very small class of very diverse children, so instead I play "Erase a Face." I draw a goofy face on the board and then each child is responsible for the answer, whether is is math or reading I can make the question harder or easier for the stuggling children. If there is a miss, a part of the face is erased. The children always are calling out the part they want erased. If there is any part of the face left when the game is done, the children win and I usually give them a piece of candy. If the face wins, no treat.
I am old fashioned and we do seat work in the morning. I try to vary this so it is fun for the kids and I try to make some easy and some harder. I use individual chalk boards to work with words. I write a word on the board, have the students copy it then change maybe the first letter and have the children read the word. I didn't have my chalk boards at this school, and I really missed them.
As for the music, I'm at a loss for any suggestions. I do listen to soft music while the children are working. It is sootheing and drowns out some of the other noises we hear that we can't do anything about. We have a music teacher here, and we have a volunteer to teach some songs of the culture.
Over the summer you might want to look at as many teacher sites as you can find to get some more ideas of things to do. There are many things posted here with some great sites listed to visit.
Have fun the rest of the year, and good luck with your second year of teaching.


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My first year as well

I agree with your statement about just surviving. The second semester was easier, but man that first sememster I felt almost ran me to the ground. I am very excited about next year. Now I will know what's just around the corner, before it arrives. I hope to correct my mistakes for next year. I would also like to hear some helpful tips.

I also haven't found a set routine for morning work. Some days I give the students books that they will take home later, they color and read it. I would like to add where they highlight word wall words, or spelling words, or words they can read on their own. Other times I give them word searches for that weeks spelling words. And other times I have them write a short story and before we start that mornings lesson I have two volunteers share thier story. I could go on, as I said it's still something I'm working on.

mme NPB

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Please share advice!!

I may be teaching grade one next year and I am wondering what kinds of things you did that you would do differently next time. I am asking because next year would be my first real year as a classroom teacher and I am really worried about all the first year trials that teachers go through. And I think grade one teachers have an especially tough task with the kids being in school full time for the first time, and all the new routines and learning experiences they go through. I know because my daughter is in grade one this year! Any helpful advice is appreciated!!!