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Help...garbage disposal stinks!


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I just moved into a new apartment about a month ago, and I have a garbage disposal in the kitchen. I've never had one before so I honestly don't use it much. I've never put grease or meat in it, just random food scraps. I walked in the door after church this morning and my whole apartment smelled FOUL <!--yuck--> I tracked down the smell right over the garbage disposal...now what do I do? Is there something I can put down there to freshen things up a bit? Please help because this just won't do!


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I run hot water and bleach in mine about once a week.

Also, when I have them, I'll slice up lemons and grind those up in there.


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Had posted about this exact problem...

...during the summer, and with all the great ideas I got, the only thing that truly made the smell go away was DH taking the rubber thing out and cleaning the inside. When I say that was the nastiest thing I have ever seen is an understatement. Buuuuuut, we haven't had a problem ever since we cleaned it so my advice is to get some rubber gloves, take it apart, and scrub the inside.

Good luck because it is NOT a pretty sight.<!--yuck--><!--misspeak--><!--yuck-->


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at the market

they sell these pouches that you place in the garbage disposal and run for 4 minutes. these take out the smell great and aren't expensive.


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Ice . . . . baking soda . . . Also, you can buy some prepackaged stuff to put down the disposal. You can get these at Walmart. I don't know what it is called, but it says it is for the disposal. I've also seem some at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. One is a package of yellow capsules. It smells like lemons. The other is blue and blue foam comes up. It smells good, too. Check out Walmart, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and even Lowe's and Home Depot. In the meantime, try ice and/or baking soda. Good luck! :)


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Had the same issue

years ago, also in an apartment. I also took the rubber part out. Soaked it in bleach and scrubbed it. Then I did ice, lemons, and baking soda. Ran it through for a minute or so and it was much better.<!--sing-->

Good luck - they can get quite icky!<!--yuck-->


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run lots of ice cubes through to clean the blades etc. Then use the disposal cleaner found in the grocery store - it has a foam that cleans .


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Egg shells and lemons

My mom always told us to regularly grind egg shells and lemons to keep it fresh..


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I also use lemons and baking soda. I'm sure it can use an actual-cleaning out, as described by other posters, but I am not sure I can handle that right now! I will try ice, as well.

But try the cut up lemons and baking soda, with v. hot water. That has worked for me.


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my fiancee cuts up lemons, the rind and everything, usually two of them and sends it down with hot water running. It does the trick!!

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clean under the rim

I tried all of the freshening tricks...boiling water...bleach...lemons...ice...etc. Nothing worked. :( Finally my DH pulled the black thing up & I was able to clean all of the gunk stuck around it. I didn't know the black thing came out. LOL I've had garbage disposals in the past & have never had a problem until this one, it must be the design. I have to pull it out & clean it weekly.