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Help! I need persuasive writing ideas


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We will be returning back to school this week. I am going to get them to write me a persuasive paragraph. Do you have any writing prompts? Thanks!


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I didn't do this, but another teacher on my hall had students design a pair of shoes, and then write a persuasive letter to the company to convice them to make those shoes. The shoes and the writing turned out wonderfully!


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persuasive paragraphs

more homework, less homework, school 4 days a week, uniforms, no uniforms, more tests, less tests, driving age lowered, voting age lowered, eat dessert first, eat cake for breakfast, smaller classes, more computers or computer time, etc. Just think about what your kiddos would like and have them write why they need/should have it.


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break school rule or badvertisement

Kids love to write about breaking school rules and defending them. (ex. running in the halls - fitness, no time for bulling, on time for class;

chewing gum, food fights in the caf, no homework)

Have kids find advertisements in magazines and make them into "badverstisements" Attach the ad to one side of the construction paper and on the other half illustrate the marketed item in the world of reality! Noting gender biases and propaganda techniques used to market the item, have kids write a persuasive piece revealing the truth behind the ad and use VOICE to convince vulnerable consumers not to be fooled into buying the product.

vacuum cleaner - the woman does not have gorgeous hair, nails, a permanent smile, and a pristine house.

Barbie - go to town on what she would really look like after all the pressure to be beautiful

Koolaid - kid has rotten teeth, $$$ dental bills, and got real tattoos after playing with Koolaid's play tattoos.

cigarettes- the once-active skiier has one lung, now only watches skiing on t.v, has wrinkles, an inhaler, and yellow teeth

a girl's tea set - the girl has her feet up on the table while the boy featured in the box's picture serves her.


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persuasive writing

at this website there are a couple hundred prompts for narrative, expository, descriptive, and persuasive writing.


i also like to ease my students into writing persuasively by having them create some pictoral persuasion: ads for new brands of candy bars and fliers for summer employment (jewelry making, lawn mowing) with emphasis on the SUPPORT--the basis of persuasion--why should we buy that product? why should we hire them?


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Thank you all for your great ideas indeed. the persuasive ads are very inspiring.