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Help I need something to do for Graduation



I work with kids that need a little more extra help. They are finally getting better, so they are going to go to regular classes. I want to do some kind of Graduation for them, but the problem is I dont know what to do. *good Idea for classes* I was going to make some cookies for them because I am so bad at it and I was going to try. But I just found out one of the kids can't have dairy products. So what should I do, can someone help me and help me make the kids a special day?Any ideas will be great I will accept all.

Holly Hebert

New Member

Ask companies around the area to donate money or food for your special occasion. Make a certificate for each child that resembles a diploma. Frames for the certificates can also be donated as well. Students might enjoy hearing a guest speaker who also "needed a little more extra help" in school, but are successful now. If you really want to go all out, high schools or colleges near by might have old graduation gowns or old choir gowns that they might donate, or even loan to you for the day. Good luck! Let me know how it goes!