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HELP Lost Gerbil!!!!!!


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My daughter's gerbil chewed a hole through the cage and got out. He has escaped several times but this one really freaks me out. My children get no television or computer until the rodent is found. He has escaped in my daughter's room, husband's office and my closet. I have cleaned out all the spare closets, bathrooms, and offices. How do I flush that little booger out?! HELP!!!!


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When we lost my hamster as a kid we searched everywhere. Finally he crawled up my leg in the middle of the night. I was so happy to find him that I ran down and plopped him on my mom's stomach while SHE was sleeping. It's a miracle the little bugger didn't go flying across the room.

What about putting some food out for the gerbil? Or getting one of those live traps, where they go in and the door shuts until you let them out.



happened to me with a hampster

It actually got into an air duct. My father had to remove a section of duct near the furnace to get him out.


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Happened to me..

I had a gerbil escape from his cage in my classroom. Someone suggested leaving peanutbutter out for him and guess what? He came out for it. This was about 15 years ago, but I felt it was a miracle!
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worked for me

I found the most wonderful mouse traps at Walmart and they really do work. We have used them to catch our hamster escapee before. It is a plastic cube that you place peanut butter in. It has a door that swings in but not out. The scent lures the critter in and you just open it to let it out. We have used it for our dwarf hamster. It worked fast and our hamster was unharmed. Good luck!


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I have had this happen before; if you leave the cage open to where it can get back in it may come back for food....or you can leave food out too. This also happened to a pet mouse we had and the way we got it back was when we got a new mouse it kept chewing at the cage to get in to the new mouse...we caught it in the act and put it in the cage. But those traps sound like they would work best:)


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We used a live trap like others have described. Good luck! Now, replacing the cage...what we found worked best and kept the critters in was a 10-gal. aquarium with a screen lid. If you put toys inside for him to chew, he could feasibly stand on top of something and push up the lid, so fasten it or weight it down as well.


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Great Ideas

I will go to Walmart and get live traps today. We used to have a 10 gal. aquarium but we got the cage last summer. I knew he was chewing but did not believe he chewed this much.
Still no TV!


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towel and bucket

I have never used this, but have heard it works everytime! Hang a towel on a bucket so that it drapes on the floor, but just a little hangs over inside the bucket. Place some kind of treat (pb, etc) inside the bucket. The idea is that the hamster or gerbil will climb up the towel, over the rim and drop into the bucket for the food, but he won't be able to reach the towel to get back out.

Of course the humane traps from Walmart sound perfect, too!



Today I found my gerbil door open! my gerbil was gone. i am searching
everywhere! can some body give some adice please!!!