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HELP - need a creative Halloween costume!!


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Hi Everyone,

I was just told today that at my school, the teachers dress up for Halloween as well as the kids! We apparently celebrate all day and the kids come in all dressed up and we are expected to too! I'm excited, however am not very creative and haven't been able to come up with a costume.

I don't want to go out and spend tons of money because I don't have it, but I'd love to hear some suggestions on costumes - maybe things you have done or would do if you were in the same situation?

Thanks so much!


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At least you get to have a celebration. We've been told no costumes and no party unless we can link it to a standard! Such fun.

Two years ago I went as Mrs. Wishy Washy. I tried to attach the photo - hope it works. You need curlers, scarf, pink lipstick, apron, fuzzy slippers and a bucket of farm animals. The kids loved it. I've also been Cruela DeVil and Miss Viola Swamp (that was the best)!!

Good luck with this!!
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My vote is for the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree in the previous post. My class would absolutely love that one because they love the book so much!


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Smarty Pants

A teacher I know taped smarty candies all over her pants and said that she was a "smarty pants". It was cute and didn't cost a lot of money.


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Amelia Bedielia

I was Amelia Bedelia last year, and it was really cute! I just got a plain black dress, wore some black tights under it, and got an apron from Walmart. I got the fabric paint and painted "Amelia Bedelia" on the front of it. I didn't have time, but you could also probably find some sort of bonnet or hat to wear. It was really fun! Then you can act goofy and do things completely backwards all day!


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If you are artistic at all, you could go as a Wheaties box. that was a personal favorite. All you need is a box, paint the front as a wheaties box, any sport. The player should be missing the head... that's where your head will go.

Also, easy enough... Waldo from Where's Waldo books. Red and white striped shirt, cane, glasses, messenger bag, red and white hat....