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Help! Need New Discipline System


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I would appreciate any ideas on what you use in your classroom for discipline. My current system is not working.


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What is your current plan?

I had a small class (I teach spec ed) but I sent home daily "frogs" (there was a frog on the sheet). It was just a 1/2 sheet that had a list of possible behaviors such as "tried hard all day" "Completed all work" etc. Each day the students started off with all checks then if I needed to I scribbled out a check. Parents had to sign them each day. Students had a chart on their desk and recieved 2 stickers if they brought the frog back the next day and 1 sticker if they brought it back within the same week. Once thier chart was filled they could visit the treasure box.

It was pretty easy because I had a small class and the sheets were pre-filled out with checks so I only had to change the ones with behavior problems.

Another that I have seen is a color chart. Each child starts on a color and then they have to move colors based on bad behavior. a "My color" sheet went home daily where the child had to write what color he/she recieved and parents had to sign and return it all week.

good luck!


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discipline system

Are you primary, intermediate, middle school???

My system is a sheet of paper sent home weekly. All the correct classroom behaviors are listed on the front. Then at the bottom is a series of letter grades A+ to F. Each time something happens that is not correct behavior the child writes the date and the incident on the back of the sheet and a hole is punched at the bottom. So, on incident and your conduct grade for the week is still an A, two it's now down to an A-, three is a B+, etc. I also punch this for missing homework because it falls under our responsibility rules.

Anything that is way out of line is dealt with using parent phone call or the school-wide discipline system.


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sorry, my mistake

I just realized that this was posted on the second grade board. Whoops! I found it on the new posts board and wasn't paying attention - and I get on the kids for that!


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classroom discipline

When a child misbehaves and has to miss recess, he/she has to "walk the line" if it's outside recess. I found that if they just sat, they were entertained by the other students playing. So, to use up the energy that probably got them in trouble in the first place, they walk back and forth on line on the playground that is out of the play area, but in plain view of on duty teachers. If we have inside recess, they walk up and down the flight of stairs that is right beside my classroom. I can see the child on the steps and watch my class at the same time. If this becomes a recurring problem, the student and I have a heart to heart talk about what the next step is to be, possibly a phone call to the parent by the student (if the parent is at work, we call there) and the child has to explain the reason for the phone call. This is something that the child does not want to do. It's his/her actions that occurred, so they need to take responsibility for them and explain it to the parent, not me. I do then talk to the parent and clarify any thing that needs it and then we work on a plan to prevent any need for future phone calls.


I have seen a variation of the traffic light system implemented into the classroom. The students names start at the top and move up or down depending on their behavior and actions. The categories can include lose 5 minutes of recess, lose 10 minutes, lose recess, phone call home, go to office. All of these do not have to be used it depends on your style. This seems to work great because students do not want to lose thier recess and they have a visual of how many tries they have before they lose recess. Most of the students do not even lose recess because they straighten up before it happens. Also, I have heard of teachers making a "purple light" which goes above the green light. Students move to the purple light if they are doing an exceptional job and being a great role model for the other students. They love to see how they are doing and how they can make it better.