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Next week is my final week (of 12 weeks) of student teaching in a 2nd grade classroom. I was asked to read a "fitting" book on my last day for the morning read-aloud. I would like to read a book about saying goodbye (or moving on / life goes on). I can't seem to find anything good in my local libraries. Any suggestions???

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good book

I don't remember the exact text of the Dr. Seuss Book "Oh the Places You Will Go" but it might be appropriate....you are moving on and they must also!

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Goodbye book

I like My Great Aunt Arizona by Gloria Houston. It's about a woman who grows up to be a teacher, and she talks to her students about the places that "someday" they will get to see. It's kind of about having big dreams. I like to read it to my class on the last day of school as they are moving on. Just for your future reference, for the last day of school when you get your own room, I like Last Day Hooray by Nancy Poydar. She also did one called First Day Hooray that I read on the first day of school. Finally, there's a great book called Mrs. Spitzer's Garden. It's by Edith Patou, I think. In that book, the principal gives the kindergarten teacher a set of seeds, and she nurtures them to get them to grow. They all need different things, but in the end, they have all blossomed, just as your students have through your student teaching. At the end, the principal gives the teacher a new pack of seeds, and the cycle starts again. It's a beautiful book.


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good bye book

Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox is about a box who helps an old woman relive her memories-- it is SUCH an awesome book. I've given it before as a gift along with objects that go with our memories.

In the story, he finds something warm, something funny, something precious... etc... After you read the story, you could show the class your memory items and leave them there to remember you by.