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Help!!!!! New to 2nd grade...

Mrs. Bea

Senior Member
I need help. I am new to second grade for next year and need ideas on where to start. Any ideas would be appreciated!!!

Brooke S.

Senior Member
love it!!

You will love 2nd grade! I have a blast teaching the kids this age. They still love you and love what you are teaching, but they are independent enough to do some neat activities.

They still love picture book read alouds along with chapter book read alouds. They should have already learned to read, you will just keep enhancing the skills. You can really push their reading level in 2nd grade. You will extend Math skills that were taught in 1st grade such as telling time, money, addition and subtraction with regrouping, etc.

Have a blast in 2nd grade. If you havve any questions let me know.:)


Get a copy of "Significant Studies for Second Grade" by Karen Ruzzo and Mary Anne Sacco. Great book, totally inspirational. It will get your wheels turning over the summer!