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Help spending money!



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I have been given $250 to spend and this is my first year in 5th grade. I don't know what I will be teaching next year... last year I taught Kindergarten. I don't know what I should spend my money on....
any suggestions?


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math manipulatives?

We just got place value disks for whole numbers and decimals, as well as decimal dice. They've really helped address number sense issues and they'd be good for a variety of levels.


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I have a $50 budget, I'm extremely envious...

This was my first year of teaching, and my principal was nice enough to let me spend $100 this year.

With my budget, I plan on maybe getting some organization things for my desk area. I may also look at some books on reading strategies, social studies areas, or math activities for our extension time.

We have talked as a 5th grade team about getting a class set of calculators for our math teacher.

Try and see if there are any absolute needs for your classroom, calculators, supplies, charts/tables, desks/chairs, computer materials. Talk to your team or previous 5th grade teachers at your school to see what they suggest.


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Dry Erase Boards

This is my first year teaching but the teacher before me left a set of dry erase boards for the entire class. Each student has a board and an eraser and they are responsible for buying their own markers. This has been extremely helpful in math because they love working problems when they get to use their boards. We have made it a game when I put problems on the board and the students get to hold up their answer and compare it to everyone else. I am not sure if this would work with your students, but my kids have thoroughly enjoyed it.


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I love my

dry erase board, but I would give my vote for Smart Pals sold by EAI. If you google it, you'll see that you can use them for any subject. My kids love them and will actually do the work, just to erase and do it again. Also, if you save the worksheets year to year, you save on photocopying and money in the long run.