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Help with Lucy Calkins Units of Study K-2!

Language Arts | Writing 


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Hi All!

I recently moved from 6th grade down to 2nd grade and would love some feedback from any teachers who have implemented Lucy Calkins K-2 Units of Study Writing Workshop in their classroom. The Kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms at my school have not implemented this type of workshop, so it will be brand new for my students this year. As a new teacher to a brand new grade, I would love to be able to use these units as much as possible because I honestly have NO idea how these little minds work in 2nd grade yet :) I love how Lucy really moves you through the workshop and helps those (like me!) who are brand new to this age and workshop idea. I would love to know if anyone else has used her units in their classroom. If so, is there anything you changed that would be helpful to know for my 2nd graders (added mini-lessons, different paper templates, variations in the order of teaching the units, etc.) Anything you have to say will be very valuable! Thanks so much!

Oh, did I mention how much I love Lucy's ideas! She's so inspiring! I can't WAIT to teach my little kiddos soon :)


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Lucy lesson plans

I will be teaching writing for the first time and was in a bit of a panic. I searched this site and found that a teacher had created 1 page lesson plans from each lesson. She stayed close to Lucy's ideas and vocabulary. I think they will be great.

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I used the UoS for writing last year for the first time and thought they were fabulous as is. My only problem is that the K and 1st grade teachers also used it so I will have to modify the lessons to avoid repeating. In the Rose Room someone mentioned that in Jan. 2013 there will be UoS for each grade level rather than the K-2 (besides/in addition to the downloadable common core plans). The downloadable plans are fine for the "experienced" writer's workshop teacher, but for a newbie like me I like the UoS books---I felt like they were holding my hand through the process. Hopefully as I get more experience the dowloadable plans will be a snap!