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Help with Mother's Day



I teach kindergarten and I am trying to get creative about Mother's Day, but I am having trouble. I have a picture for each child from a "circus day" that we had in our classroom. I thought about letting them make a frame for the picture out of pop. sticks. I thought that they could glue them together, paint them pastel colors, and write a message at the bottom. For example, I thought about them writing "I love you mom/grandma/etc." on a small piece of cardstock and I laminate it and glue it to the bottom of the frame. I thought maybe they could use those foam flowers or puzzle pieces (that are painted) to glue on the rest of the frame. Is this a stupid idea? Does anyone have good ideas that are cheap or maybe an alternative way to do my idea? Thanks! :)


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Mother's Day Art Project

I teach Kindergarten also and each year I do the same thing, but the Mothers in my classes always love it! I take a picture of each student and cut out their head only in a circular shape - this becomes the center of the flower. We glue it on a piece of 12 x 18 construction paper. Next, the students dip their hand in paint and put a handprint on the construction paper about 5 different times (around their picture) to make the flower petals. Then the student draws a stem and decorates their construction paper. I have a poem that I copied out of a Mailbox Teacher's Helper and we paste that on the back of the construction paper. This always turns out cute and doesn't take a ton of time.
RKM :s)


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I can post it tomorrow when I get to school. I don't have a copy of it here at home.


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Mother's Day Projects

I have students with many or no maternal peoples. I have many projects. Here is the list!

1) Clay pots that they paint and modge podge then plant. I still have parents say they love them! I have done this every other year for 12 years.

2) Soap-- I take pictures of the kids and print them out in 2 inch squares and laminate them. We melt glycerine soap and add smelly stuff and put the picture in the middle. These are so CUTE! We have made goldfish in the middle soaps too.

3) Handprints in plaster of paris... We place the child's handprint in plaster paint it in gold and then place the handprint poem on the back.

I like the flower and handprint painting too!


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Mother's Day Poem

Here it is:

I'm growing like a flower
With all your love and care
All you hugs and kisses
Make the good times that we share.

I'm growing like a flower,
We know that is true.
So I made this card in kindergarten
To say "I LOVE YOU!"


Mother's dAy

I have also used this similar idea and it has worked out great!! But, I have lost the poem, if you would be so kind to email me with it I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much