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This is my second year to teach. My now former aide is friends with three of my student's parents. One of these parents is also a student teacher. She had a small daycare in her home and kept two of my students. Needless to say, they all know each other.
My aide informed them of everything I did.
She compared me to the former teacher that had 20 years of experience.
She was a big gossip. She would talk about the teacher next door all of the time, so I always wondered what she was saying about me.
My parents questioned my abilities. They have gone to the principal and claimed that I was just about to create and teach my first lesson after 5 weeks after school began.
I go above and beyond what is required of me. I am the only teacher at my school that maintains a class website. I stay after school every day, and work one day on the weekend.
I post my lessons on the website each week. This proved to my principal that I did create lessons and knew what the curriculum was.
In October, I finally had enough with all of my aide's gossip.
I asked her to go next door because I didn't need her help that day.
She went straight to the principal.
I wasn't mean and I didn't raise my voice.
The principal didn't take my side. I had to apologize.
I now have a new aide. but my former aide works next door and continues to spy on me and call parents.
During Christmas, one of these parents went to the principal complaining that I didn't tell her what to bring to the Christmas party.
I didn't contact her because I didn't need anything.
Classroom party planning is new to me.
Last week, one of these parents went to the principal and requested that her child be removed from my class. She was upset because while her daughter was playing teacher at home, she told her stuffed animals if they talked that they would have to change their color.
She didn't want her daughter to play "teacher" that way. She also told the principal that she heard that I was on probation. The principal corrected her by informing her that I was a new teacher and that all new teachers are on probation for 3 years. She told her this wasn't for disciplinary reasons.
This parent didn't want the principal to tell me about her concerns.
My principal refused to move the student. Unfortunately, the mother removed the child from our school.
My new aide recently told me that she also heard that I was on probation before she began working with me. This means the rumor started at school.
I was upset about this. My reputation as a teacher is probably ruined.
I asked my principal if she would address the issue of probation on the bulletin board in the teacher's work room. She never addressed the issue.
I forwarded positive notes from the parents who do appreciate me.
I also mentioned that if I was such a bad teacher why one of my parents from last year would request that her child be placed in my room again this year. (I moved up a grade level this year.)
She asked me if I was friends with this parent prior to meeting her at school. I didn't know her before becoming a teacher. It hurt me that my principal asked me this. She always claims she has known such and such for "x" number of years.
I am tired of feeling like I have to prove myself.
She claims I need to work on my communication skills and learn how to treat people.
I am about to give up on defending myself.
I don't know what to do.
Thanks for letting me vent.
I wish my principal would encourage the parents to come to me with their concerns.
I love my kids and love teaching. I know I have a lot to learn, I just wish they would give me a break.



If I were you I'd get out of there next year. You don't seem to have a supportive principal. Does he/she know the aide is calling parents to complain about you? I don't care how long the aide has been there--she should be fired for that!
It sounds to me like you are in a higher-income school. I have never experienced parents so nosy and unsupportive as those you describe. I teach in a low-income school in the DFW metroplex and never get questioned about my teaching methods by parents. Most parents I have encountered has been grateful that I care so much about their kids-- that's not to say that there aren't neglectful parents and confrontational parents too. I honestly can't imagine a school like the one you described. Any way that you can tell me what district you teach for?
Trust me when I tell you that there are greener pastures out there.


I hear ya

Run not walk to the nearest place to ask for a transfer citing if necessary your principal's reaction and action to this mess. They don't like to be noticed by superiors.

I'm a native of another state (don't want someone to read and identify me) currently residing in predominantly Morman Utah. I have met with some of the same type of situations as you. Since day one been up against a Mormon aide who has contacted a parent's place of employment about their child (without my knowledge), removed a child from the room, told me how to teach repeatedly, said the word retarded in front of the students, told one to shut up, watched a brawl on the playground and refused to assist the regular duty person and screamed at me last week when I gave her a D- on her evaluation. She is a member of my principal's stake (church in Texas) and all the other aides and AM teacher is Mormon. Who do you think will win this battle.

I was notifying my principal continually of the problems throughout the year. Its funny I have been transferred to a very remote part of the district, the poorest scores and poorest population. I will fulfill my contract and as soon as possible get back to the real world and hopefully receive equitable treatment not based on religion. I completely understand your frustration. I know I'm a good teacher too and thank God I will not have an aide in my future school. I am returning to regular ed.


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This too shall pass...

I doubt very much that your reputation is ruined forever. You will get better at parent relations with experience. Relax and teach. I speak this way because I've been there myself.