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I am just completing student teaching in a middle school. I am an elementary and early childhood major. My cooperating teacher, supervisor, and myself feel that I would do much better in the younger grades. I feel that I did a terrible job during the past couple of months. I wasn't able to manage class time to fit in homework time, I had trouble with classroom management, and I always wanted to do too many activities in one class period. I feel like a failure. I feel miserable. My final reviews have more needed improvement areas than positive remarks. What do I do? Does anyone else feel this way? I feel that I was placed in such a high grade and it was a shock. Changing classes and the teaching styles were mainly direct instruction and I feel more comfortable teaching hands-on. I tried teaching hands-on but that didn't work because the kids weren't used to it. I just feel terrible. Please help me, tell me the truth, will these reviews hurt me? I just can't get over how bad of a job I did. I tried to do what my cooperating teacher wanted me to do, and I still feel that I didn't reach that.


I'm with ya!

Don't beat yourself up too bad! If everyone agreed you'd do better in the younger grades, then that's a good thing. At least now you know where your strengths lie. I think as student teachers, we are so "under the microscope" that we lose sight of what we do well. I can't really answer your question about the reviews, but I just wanted to let you know there are others out here who can empathize!! It's very difficult to mesh our styles with those of our cooperating teachers AND the expecations/habits of the students. As long as you did your best, I feel sure your university mentor/supervisor would recommend you for the lower grades, which is what you want anyway.


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Why were you put in Middle School if you are an elementary and early childhood major? It sounds like you tried and were eager to do your best but you were placed in the wrong grade for you. BTW kids having experiences with hands-on materials is a good idea. I taught in Middle School before and it was proven this still works better than lecture. I think the kids benefitted greatly by your attempts to use them. It's too bad they didn't use them in the previous years, that's not your fault. They should have used them before. I didn't use class time for homework either. I think homework is for home. I'm really sorry you're feeling so bad. Please realize that it probably just wasn't a good match. That in no way means you failed. I would probably be ready to hand in a paper about my experiences and explain all that I learned before the reviews if possible. (you still could afterwards) Do not put yourself down at all in it. Emphasize that this was a learning experience for you and now you're ready for an elementary position. You've had a look at where your future students need to be in years to come. You know that you will work hands-on materials into your lessons so students have concrete experiences to draw from for when they are in Middle School. Keep your head up and remain positive. Hopefully they will see you as a positive person who doesn't give up-great qualities to have as a teacher.