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Here's A Good One!


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Recently I received a nasty letter from parents accusing me of saying something to their child in my classroom that I know I never said. This whole situation could have been avoided if these parents would have taken the time to talk to me to find out what really happened. Don't parents realize that 6 year olds often get mixed up in telling their version about what happened in school each day?
My plan was to ignore their letter since I didn't feel like wasting my time on this. This week these parents come in with a gift for me. Sounds to me like they're feeling a little foolish for their actions.
I've seen some strange ones before and these parents are right up there with the rest of them. I'm counting the days until June.


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Well at least they changes their song and dance routine! Parents can be so....

I always tell parents, "Well I hope you wouldnt want ME to belive everything your child says about you and your family." LOL

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I had a situation a few years ago that occurred between my students and another teacher (a specialist) on a day I was absent from the building. When I returned, the kids were upset by the incident, so we had a class meeting to discuss it. During the conversation, one of my girls was the class messenger, so she left to bring down the attendance. When she returned, she only heard a part of the conversation I was having with another student, and lots of kids were adding their input, so it was kind of noisy. She went home to her mother and told her I had said what Mrs. X. had done was OK because she was an adult. What I had said was that sometimes, adults make mistakes, too, and that Mrs. X. was not right with what had happened. I had this horrific e-mail from this girl's mother the next day, and I wasn't even involved in the original incident--I was absent! It was the one time I fired back an angry reply in my own defense to this parent (whose child I had for two different grade levels and who knew me very well). She wound up apologizing and feeling very stupid, but it was very stressful and upsetting to be blamed for something I didn't do, and to have my honesty questioned. I was relieved not to get this student's sibling a few year's later. The principal didn't feel I should have to deal with this parent, even though she requested me.

tired too

their child's word is gold

I'm with you... isn't it interesting how whatever the child says is always correct? My admin has been very unfair with me on this topic. I've basically been told me give a certain child special treatment. Since then, the child's behavior has gone down the tubes because he knows he can get away with anything. If he does received a consequence... all he has to do is go to mommy and she'll come stomping into school again and the teacher will get in trouble.

Anything to make the parents happy, right? Forget reality. Forget keeping any kind of order and consistancy in the classroom. I'm being ecouraged to have a "favorite".

I am sooo in the wrong line of work.


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It always bothers me when parents believe their children over us, as if the child is a more reliable source than we are. Not too long ago, I sent home a U on a project that the kids were supposed to have done. The parent wrote back some things that the child told her about the project that were absolutely false, so she as indignant that I scored her child's project the way I did.

I agree that your parent sounds rather strange.