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High Achievement?



How did you use your previous experiences to ensure high academic achievement for your students?


Please explain


Could you please explain this question a little more? Is this a question from a textbook? Why are you asking?


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My thoughts

I tell them what I expect from them. If they are not able to achieve that then they are only letting them self down. I give out award certificates at report card times for any A-, A, or A+. I also give out most improved student in each subject that I teach them.

I make any assignment or test not at 76% get signed and brought back to me.

I teach 5th grade and believe it or not stickers are still really important to them. So I sticker all A grade papers.

I also make them set grade goals each quarter. Many kids are used to getting straight A's until 5th grade. It is difficult for their parents to understand why their child is not doing as well as they used to. They also have a hard time with subjective grading. The extra step that must be taken in 5th grade is difficult for many kids and parents to understand. I also call out any grade on a test that is 90% or better and give tons of high 5's.