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high frequency words


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Can anyone please tell me what is the difference between the fry, dolch and sight words. Some web sites say that they are the same thing, while others have different lists of words for each. I'm really confused. Also how do you incorporate these words in L.A.?

Mrs. H WI

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word lists

My daily word list is a challenge for students to put 15 words in ABC order with homonyms mixed in the word list. It is a great beginning for our title reading class and students practice their word knowledge.
I agree about the confusion with the lists. What curriculum is required in your school? That information may give you a clue as to which list to use in the classroom.
Mrs. H WI


The fry and dolch lists are different. A lot of the words are repeated on both lists though. The dolch 220 words was a list of words that was created in the early 1900's. Since our language has changed so much since then, the Fry list was created as an updated list. At our school, we still test the kids on the dolch list. However, I use the Fry list in my classroom because I think it's more beneficial for the kids.

I use a word wall in my classroom to incorporate the use of the sight words. I introduce 5-10 words each week and then put them on the wall for the children to refer to them during writing and reading time.


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The Dolch list is made up of the first 220 basic sight words. The Fry list is made up of 1000 of the most commonly used words in the English language. It is ordered by frequency so all of the Dolch words are embedded in this list. These words make up about 90% of all written language. So I teach these words as fast as I can to my sped. kids.