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Highway Patrol


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We were pulled over to deal with an issue and my DH needed to use the phone. While pulled over a highway patrol officer stopped to see if we needed any help. We did not, but it was nice of him to check.


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That was nice of him.

I had a flat tire once. I pulled over, got out of the car and called DH to talk me through changing it (I hadn't done one in years and didn't know where everything was in the car). Just as I was about to start, an off duty officer pulled up behind me, and changed the tire for me. He was heading home after working all day, yet took the time to stop and help.


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Here's a story from when I was a young college kid...
My then-boyfriend now ex-husband and I were parking and making out in a park at dusk- after park hours. We were pretty much clothed. :rolleyes:
A pair of police, one male one female, came to us and ran our driver's licenses and the car's tags. Everything checked out, but the female officer had me come stand by their car while her partner stood by my BF at our car. She asked me if I'd come here willingly, if I felt safe, and if I wanted to leave.
This was 1988 or so, and I think back now to how progressive that was to ask a teenage girl. There wasn't enough talk then about date rape and domestic violence, and I am still so thankful for those officers!


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With so many stories out there about police officers that focus on the bad one, we have to remember that the vast majority are good. It's kinda like teachers. Yes, we have a few bad apples, but we are all here to help the kids.