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Hilarious Text from Parent


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Our state testing begins tomorrow. My principal encouraged us to sent texts this evening to parents reminding them and giving them a few tips of what they could do and to remind them that breakfast would be free for the next two weeks etc. I sent my mass text out and I got several immediate responses thanking me and some even said that our school was on the top of her prayer list. THEN...I get one that says.. f*ck you punk I ain't doin S**T.... my jaw dropped. I coudln't believe it. After calling my principal and her calling the number, it was a wrong number and a young teenager who thought it was funny.. I have to laugh to keep from crying! :)


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I know our school is starting to use a SchoolReach system, where you can send texts out from the computer. Then, it's hooked up to your email so any responses are sent there. I'm hoping the OP wasn't expected to use her personal cell phone!


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I'm appalled...that you have to send texts about the stupid state testing. What is education coming to?