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Hints and tips for newbies


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I just wanted to offer some hope to those of you out there trying 4blocks. This is my third year doing the 4blocks framework. I am getting more comfortable with it each year. I would like to say to some of you that might feel overwhelmed with the blocks :eek: --take it slow! You don't have to jump in feet first. One area to make sure you get "control" over and have procedures down is conferencing, both during SSR and writing workshop. I started way too early my first year, and did better last year. But this year I waited even longer. During SSR, I was able to get in some assessments at the end of first quarter, but am just beginning my conferences now in 2nd quarter. Same with my writing. It was mainly write a first draft and share. I really got some good information from this book: Writing the Four Blocks Way (K-6). It details the writing block much better than the Guide to Four Blocks does. I'd like to see this board get more active! Let's keep posting ideas and questions, okay? ;)