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Hi! I'm a first year teacher, so school has kept me very busy! I find that when I do have some free time, I'm too tired to enjoy it! I was wondering what kinds of relaxing activities everyone does in there free time. I want to find something I can enjoy and look forward to doing...something I can use to force me to put away the school work every now and then. Any suggestions?


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I enjoy scrapbooking. It takes my teacher creativity and makes it more fun. Now I have been teaching for over 16 years and I have a family (3 children). So this is natural for me. YOu could scrap your years as a teacher, your family, pets, friends etc.
When I was no a parent exerciaing was my hobby. I would go to the gym with a friend and work out.
Hope this helps!


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Sign up for a class that is totally unrelated to school. Something that sounds fun and that sparks your interest. Maybe a dance class, a cooking glass, a knitting class. (You get the idea). When you sign up for a class or lessons you are less likely to miss or quit. This will probably give away my identity if anyone in my school/district sees this, but I take figure skating lessons. Taking the lessons has given me a sense of accomplishment. (I can now do a "bunny hop" and a two footed spin--not bad for someone that began her skating career by clinging to the boards!) It's also good exercise (I'm developing a "skater's booty"). It's a good stress reliever and I find that when I'm on the ice I forget about school. I've also made good friends that come from other areas besides teaching. Whatever you choose to learn, go out and enjoy. There's so much more to life than teaching. :0


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LOL! School does tend to keep one pretty busy! I'm pretty active, so in addition to going to the gym, I study martial arts. I also like to play the piano to relax. Also, I study Chinese. Perhaps you can guess, I was one of those kids who drive their teachers crazy falling out of the chair and needing lots of bathroom breaks:-)

My recommendation is take anything you've been at all interested in and try it out. I like the gym, quilt group, etc. for the social value.

Mostly, have FUN doing what you do.



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I like knitting or crocheting. I'll go a long time between projects, but it is fun. You can make something kind of small and portable or really large. It is not a very expensive (although it can be expensive!) or complicated hobby.


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Cross stitch

I do cross stitch. The problem is I spend so much on supplies because I keep finding patterns that I must have. The other downside is that framing is expensive. However, I love displaying my finished projects in my house.



I love to read, and when I am reading a good book I completely lose myself in it and don't think about anything else. This is one hobby that can be done cheaply, too, through the public library.


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I enjoy...

In my free time I enjoy scrapbooking, reading, getting together with my girlfriends for dinner, movie night at home. Anything that helps me relax and get my mind off of my kidos at school is worth it!


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I enjoy collecting...

Baseball Cards. I've collected them since I was 9 years old.

I also like to Latch hook. I've made lots of small wall hangings, and once made a Yosemite Sam pillow.

And, I like to write music on my own time, about my experiences.



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free time

Fishing, gardening, photography, swimming, biking and painting. I try to get outside as much as posssible.

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My husband and I both like to exercise and live in a place where outdoor activities are in abundance. We belong to a gym, but also hike regularly, bike ride, play tennis, and swim at our local pool.

One thing that I like to do that I find really relaxing is taking my little hyper dog to the dog park. It is an amazing dog park that is only about a mile from our house. We go almost every day (unless it's raining/snowing or too cold). We usually spend about an hour there. You get to know some new people, because people tend to bring there dogs at the same time of day, etc.

We also have dinner regularly with friends and play group games (like Scene It! or Balderdash).

Last, we belong to a Church so we regularly attend Church and try to participate in Church related activities every now and then.


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Although it's nice to do something alone occasionally, I really enjoy getting with a friend and going out to eat and to a movie. It helps me relax and take my mind off school work for a while. If we have more time, we also find a Target or mall to browse around. I can shop all day and not spend money!


The Great Outdoors

Hiking, camping, canoeing--we like outdoorsy stuff if we get a chance. I scrapbook, cook, read, and garden. Gardening is very relaxing and is also great exercise.