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Holiday/December/Winter Read aloud?


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Does anyone have a great winter or holiday read aloud? I'm just about ready to begin a new book, and I'd like it to be finished by Christmas break.

Any ideas??



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Family Under the Bridge!!

Yes! I agree with The Family Under the Bridge! They just had them in Scholastic's book order for 95 cents so I bought a class set. We are going to begin reading it as a class on Monday.


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read aloud

Have you ever heard of Christmas Spurs by Bill Wallace? It's a sweet and sad story about a boy losing his brother to lukemia. The kids loved it though.


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Seasonal read aloud

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever :D How I love to read this one aloud!

The House Without a Christmas Tree

I second The Christmas Spurs


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Any more???

I'd love to hear some more ideas for a good winter/holiday read aloud.

I do need to be careful...I have a boy who recently lost his father, so I'd rather our books be more lighthearted and not deal with death. I, too, love the Family Under the Bridge and Christmas Spurs, but I'm looking to find more of a "fun" read aloud right now.

Any more great winter/holiday books out there?? Please help!:s)