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holiday song


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Hello all! I was wondering if anyone knew of any fantastic holiday songs that are appropriate to sing in public school... we do a school wide holiday performance where each grade level does a holiday song and we also collect toys for a needy organization. it is a lot of fun, but I need a song for our grade level this year. Does anyone have one that they could share that we could do? 100+ kids singing it!!!
thanks in advance,


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Music Express

Do the music people in your school subscribe to Music Express magazine? The songs in there are fantastic, original....and written for the elementary level (mostly). You might even be able to borrow old sets from another school and use one of the holiday songs from a few years ago. I was recently introduced to their magazine and I love it!!!! (CD included in the subscription!) <!--sing-->


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Just a thought..

If You Just Believe..The theme to the Polar Express? That would be adorable with kids singing it!!:)


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There are many holiday songs that would be fine in a public school. You can actually purchase a number of split track CD's at most Christian bookstores. While some of the songs on them are traditional carols, etc.,, there are still those fun, generic songs as well. With a split track feature you can adjust the speakers and have only the music for during the concert, but for practices you can have the voices to help your students learn the song.

Some songs that would work out

- It's the most wonderful time of the year (this is the one I'm doing this year)
- Jingle Bells
- Deck the Halls
- We wish you a Merry Christmas
- Feliz Navidad
- Sleigh Ride
- Walking in a Winter Wonderland
- Jingle Bell Rock
- Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

And not to start an argument BUT I strongly believe that any school and class should be able to sing traditional carols as they are a part of the history of our countries (The States and Canada). I think sometimes we spend way too much attention to keeping all things equal and in the end point out our differences instead by being so cautious.

We have no problems teaching music and songs during "music classes" from other countries, but we can't sing traditional holiday songs for some reason. This has never made sense to me. But I know there are strong voices for not doing it and teachers often have to do what is asked rather than what might make sense depending on how it is handled.


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12 Days of Christmas

One year my second graders sang this song with movements. It was hilarious, and they were great at it! Guaranteed crowd pleaser! I got it from another PT poster about 5 years ago! <!--sing-->

On the 1st day of Christmas my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree. (flap arms up and down)
On the 2nd day of Christmas my true love gave to me 2 turtle doves( make kissy lips, kiss kiss)
3rd day: 3 French hens (hands on hips and say oooo, la, la)
4th day: 4 calling birds (hands at mouth and call to each side Hello, Hello!)
5th day: 5 golden rings: (Make big circle with arms in front)
6th day: 6 geese a laying (small finger in cheek, make a popping sound)
7th day: 7 swans a swimming ( as you sing, move hands across body in an up and down movement like going over waves)
8th day: 8 maids a milking(make milking movements with both hands)
9th day: 9 ladies dancing (throw arms out and pretend to dance)
10th day: 10 lords a leaping (Leap in the air)
11th day: 11 pipers piping: left thumb in mouth, pump right elbow in and out like playing bagpipes and wail: WA WA WA WA)
12th day: 12 drummers drumming: (make drumming movements)