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Hollywood Hunks


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I mentioned in another post that I have always had a soft spot for Christopher Walken. I fell for him when he was in The Deer Hunter. Over the years I have seen a lot of handsome actors on the silver screen. I like the young Mel Gibson before Lethal Weapon made him uber-famous. I like young Richard Gere from the American Gigolo era. I like Brad Pitt, somewhat less since he left Jennifer Anniston, but who can deny his super handsome looks? In The Lord of the Rings movies, I couldn't help noticing Viggo Mortenson and Orlando Bloom.

Who are your favorite leading men in the movies?


Fun friend, does it have to be

a movie star? Because my idea of a hunk is John Edwards! When he came to Denver to give a speech during the election, I told my team I wanted to take the day off so I could go and toss my panties up on the stage at him (like women did for Tom Jones a million years ago)! I wanted Kerry/Edwards to win so badly, because I wanted four years of looking at John Edwards!


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What about this?

I can't quite put my finger on it because I wouldn't say this guy is super-handsome but, my sister and I both love, love, LOVE Nicholas Cage.
...and then there's Matthew McConaughey. (sigh)

I also love the young Harrison Ford - (Star Wars) I think he was my first movie crush!



Johnny Depp!!!!!!!!! Of course, who else??? Also, "Sawyer" from Lost makes me swoon. "The Rock" is also very nice looking. And we can't forget about Jake Gyllenhaal- rather young, but nonetheless a hottie! Leo DiCaprio has an interesting look about him.


Matthew McConaughey!

He is sooo cute. I recently saw "Failure to Launch" and spent the whole movie just drooling over him. And being a southern girl, I love his southern drawl! ;)


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Mark Harmon

I have had a thing for Mark Harmon since he was on St. Elsewhere in the 80s. He is just gorgeous and sexy.

Ima Teacher

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I think I might run away with Heath Ledger if he showed up on my doorstep and asked . . . never mind that he's about 10 years younger than I am.

I watch Star Wars with my 8th graders during the epic unit, and I always have to watch Harrison Ford. I also can't miss watching Richard Gere in Pretty Woman.

I'm getting ready to show The Outsiders to my 7th graders, and I can't help but watch Patrick Swayze . . . who I normally do NOT think is the least big good looking! I always watch him in that movie and in Dirty Dancing. Maybe that's just becuase when those movies were popular I was a overrun with puberty hormones, and I still have the memories. :p

My girls always like to ask me if I think so-and-so is "hot" when we watch movies. :rolleyes:


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My all-time favorite is John Travolta - I even met him two years ago when he was filming The Punisher. He was very nice and smiled every time he walked by. I also like Patrick Dempsey, even though now he's a TV star and technically not a movie star. I hear he has a movie coming out about teachers. Has anyone heard this?


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My fav is...

Val Kilmer. Not necessarily a mainstream actor, but one I think is hot. I loved him in Batman and when he played Jim Morrison in The Doors movie. I also like Mel Gibson, but probably more so only because I got to meet him in person. I also may show my age her, but also think Sean Connery is super sexy. OK...I have more than one favorite. :-)


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It is hard to narrow down to just one celebrity hunk to drool over! I think it is cool Maryteach that you are drawn to John Edwards. I like a lot of the guys y'all have mentioned too! Reading your posts just reminds me, "him too him too!" Thanks for reminding me of all the cuties out there to check out when they are in a movie or TV show (or on CSpan!).


well, since you asked

I fell in love with Nicholas Cage when I was a Sr. in high school. Matthew Mc. and Keanu are weird but cute. Does anybody remember Ken Wahl?

Don't know their names but:
Does anybody watch CSI Miami? The cuban guy is really cute.
Alias, Sydney's dh
LOTR, the blonde wood spirit and I hate long hair.


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O.K....here's my picks...

O.K....my husband and I have laughed about this a million times....there's this guy that plays on CSI, and he has black hair...works along side the red-headed woman in the crime lab, (short hair, kind of in a crew cut), I don't know his name on the show, but one night I was commenting how cute he was....my husband, of course, rolled his eyes, and laughed. A few days later, we got a new neighbor...and he looks JUST LIKE THAT GUY on CSI!!! So, my husband pointed it out, and said, "Oh, great, now I guess you think the neighbor's cute, too, huh?" I didn't want to say yes, so I just smiled.

Sooo...the guy from CSI....and....I also like Nicholas Cage...when I saw him in "moonstruck"....wow...he was an awesome actor....and then I saw him in "Conair", and he just gets better with age...looks and acting...lol.

I think that Pierce Brosnan was always a nice looking guy.
Also, I used to think that Bruce Boxleitner was a hottie when I was a kid.
And...that guy that played "howie" on that show the "fall guy"

O.K....so there's my oldie picks...lol.

I do, however like that guy on Desperate Housewives, James Denton, isn't that his name....
And, the guy that plays on Grey's Anatomy, as Izzie's ex-love interest...


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I used to love Brad Pitt, but am unimpressed now. I loved Matthew McCanaughy until I found out he doesn't use deoderant! Still nice to look at, though! I agree about Patrick Dempsey - hot!!! I especially loved him in the movie "Lucky Seven" - one of my all time favorite movies. It's funny some mentioned Harrison Ford - I really like him, even at his age.