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Homemade M-F carts


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It seems like if would be so much easier to make a M-F cart.. I ike the idea and might try it.. Its my first year teaching and I know I have to stay organized.. But I am wondering if the stackable pullout trays from Walmart would work.. or finding a frame that would work and buying fabric... how difficult could it be.. That way you can have it match your theme... Hmm I might give it a try Any ideas????
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I'm planning on making, or adapting the idea with a 3 drawer stand I already have. I figured I could just use my labelmaker and label the drawers with the subjects - 1- reading/lang.arts, 2- math, 3- science & social studies. That way all of my manipulatives would be in the correct subject and I usually use them more than one day per week. Just a thought. I already use file folders for my copies.


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M-F cart

I've always done something similar to the M-F cart and what catgirl is describing. I have two 3 drawer bins from Target. I've labeled each one a day of the week and the very bottom one is labeled "sub plans." I mostly keep materials for lessons (I teach science) or examples of foldables from the past or projects...stuff like that. I keep my copies in a filetastic that's hanging besides my whiteboard.

In the sub bin, I put at least three different lessons and materials in there for any last minute absences I might need.

It's worked well for me for the past 3 years!!


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i was thinking of using the 3-drawer carts that are on sale this week at wal-mart ) just use the wall letters from the dollar tree to label each drawer and i would have an extra drawer! I did this for my baby's bibs, wash cloths and socks 3- drawer bin and it's cute. you could also put some picture stickers on too. The WM bins are in bright colors too.


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I bought two of the three-drawer Sterilite organizers many years ago. I stacked them and labeled them M-F and the bottom drawer is my "to be filed" keep all. The system works for me. :)



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I've done the same as Lauraliz for many years. I have 2 3-drawer units, one drawer for each day and one drawer as a sub tub.