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Our first day of school homework

is to bring to school a favorite book. Students share the next day why it is their favorite book as we talk about how much fun it is to read.


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All About Me Bags

On the first day I share items that tell the class something about me. I put 5 items in a lunch bag and pull one out at a time, sharing a little bit about myself. I have a photo of my dog, a poem that I wrote, and then some other fun items. My student teacher also shared items this way.

So I send students home with a bag and instructions and they come back with their bags filled with 5 items that tell something about themselves. During the next few days, we share a few here and there throughout the day. It is a fun way to get to know the children's interests, they get to know eachother better, and everyone shares - those shy children come out of their shell a bit. Hereis the note


The beginning of the year is an exciting time to make new friends. We are going to get to know one another better by sharing an “All About Me Bag” with the class. Students learned about this project at school and listened as Miss Warwick and I share our bags.

Directions: Place 5 items in this lunch bag and return it to school tomorrow or Friday. We will share a few bags at a time throughout each day. Items in the bag should tell the class something about the bag’s owner. For example, if a child plays a sport, she or he might put in a small item that represents that sport. If a child loves a certain animal, has a particular hobby, or collects something, he or she might share that too. A photo is nice to include, particularly if there is a story to go along with it (favorite vacation, best birthday ever, etc.). Students will talk to the class about each item, telling what that item means and why they chose it for their bag. After each child shares, classmates will be given an opportunity to ask a question or share a positive comment. All items will be returned after shared with the class.

Thanks for your help with this project. I know the beginning of the year is a busy and sometimes stressful time. This project is not meant to burden families but the help the children get to know their classmates and feel more comfortable in second grade.


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first day homework

Somewhere on here I found this idea. The students have to tell 2 facts about themselves and then a fib. The other students have to try and figure out which sentence was the fib. I tried it this year and the students had fun with it. I just did it as an optional homework but we all learned something about the students who did participate.