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I was wondering what kind of homework you assign your students. I never know what is alright for homework and what should only be done at school. If you could give me an idea of the things you assign for homework that would be very helpful. I am new to fourth grade this year and I want to make sure I am challenging my students, but not overloading them. Thanks!



Hi, I teach 4th grade too. This is my fourth year in fourth grade. The rule of thumb is generally the grade times 10. Therfore, a fourth grader should generallly have 40 minutes of homework a night. I tell my students, and parents, if it takes them longer than an hour to stop and see me in the morning. I generally expect a note from the parents if that happens. Anyways, my students almost always have spelling homework, reading for 20 minutes and possibly responding, and a math assignment. Periodically they will have longer projects or other subject areas homework to complete. I hope this helps!


This question is relatively old, but if you are still seeking replies about Homework for fourth grade. Reading every night (of course), usually self-selected texts- Accelerated Reader encourages students to select appropriate leveled books; math every night (usually only 5-10 problems, unless everyone understands the concept and you just want extra practice; because for those that do not understand, they usually just get help from a parent and in math we often teach a different method and it's even more confusing. I hate for them to do 10 problems incorrectly, because it takes more time to "unteach" their bad habits). Homework from content areas: science, social studies: read chapter or pages, write 10 facts; define key vocab; answer lesson questions, etc. Lately reading HW has been from newpapers: writing 10 interview questions to a homeowner selling his/her home; summarizing articles; re-writing titles to articles, finding 5 words and making a glossary. They like it. Good luck with the homework situation. The trick becames later, how to keep it from being more paper.


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I don't like giving a ton of homework every night. I know how tired I am at the end of the day, so I know the kids are as well. I always assign reading (they have to read 600 minutes a month, which averages to 30 minutes a night with weekends off). I also give something with spelling (we only do spelling every-other week) and a math sheet every night except Friday. The math sheet reinforces what we did that day, or is a combination of what we've done for several days. That's all I give.